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Gregg Wallace Credits Ditching Alcohol For His Weight Loss Transformation

Published On 15 Oct, 2019
Gregg Wallace Credits Ditching Alcohol For His Weight Loss Transformation

Consistency is surely the key. Ask Gregg Wallace who has definitely come a long way since embarking on his weight loss journey in 2017.

Secrets To Gregg Wallace Weight Loss Transformation

A round of applause for Gregg Wallace and his weight loss results, please! The English tv personality's weight loss transformation isn't something you see every day. Admittedly, you might not see a drastic change over his shape in concern to his weight loss transformation, but his determination to focus on this journey is something everyone should really admire.

Greg Wallace started on his weight loss journey in 2017. SOURCE: Instagram (greggawallace)

Surely at a slower pace, he will reach his goals. Also above all, you can't also turn a blind eye over how far he has come for over two years. Mattar of fact, Wallace has been able to lose hefty of pounds making him weigh only 12 stones and 13 stones carrying the fat weight from between 11 to 22 percentage, in the meantime.

Thanks to Wallace for keeping it real as he did not only update over his weight loss progress but its secrets too. To make it clear cut, his weight loss results obviously didn't happen overnight. See, what plans he followed to succeed in achieving his goals.

Wallace Made Some Diet Changes

Wallace knew if he wanted to lead a healthier lifestyle, he needed to make changes with what he was feeding himself. So, the first thing he came up with was adding healthy food and gave up on consuming his favorite food that gained him weight such as fish and chips and other fry up.

Tv host Gregg Wallace added healthier food to his diet. SOURCE: Instagram (greggawallace)

The Masterchef host cut off oily food and meat and swapped them with less oily and lean meat such as chicken and less oily part of pork. The father of three enjoys stews, curry, and chilies followed by low-calorie vegetables.

Additionally, Wallace also ditched drinking alcohol like fellow chef Jamie Oliver who followed the same diet plan to lose weight. For the London native, drinking beer almost every day was one of the reasons behind his gradual weight gain.

Alcoholic beverages are enriched with calories and drinking them on a regular basis on a large volume can easily make you fat.

Gregg Wallace Takes No Rests

Apart from making diet changes, the media persona also focused on exercise and made a workout regimen. Fans who follow Gregg on his social media are fully aware of the fact of how much he spends time working out in the gym and doing other heavy physical activities outdoor such as jogging, hiking, and swimming.

Gregg Wallace doesn't take a break from exercises even on the holiday. SOURCE: Instagram (greggawallace)

Not to mention, Wallace even hired a personal trainer to guide him on using the gym equipment and workout regimen. The celebrity has also been spotted enjoying some work out sessions at the Virgin Active gym based in Canary Wharf.

As hardworking as Gregg is when it comes to working out on his weight loss journey, what impressively stunned us is the fact that he never takes a break. Even during his holiday, the tv host's relatives can find him dripping sweat in the gym.

Keep going, Wallace. 

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