It's not often celebrities can successfully hide the whereabouts of their family, Deirdre Bolton seems like a rare exception. Bolton is a well-renowned personality for her profession, but what about her personal life?

Fans of Deirdre are often curious to know about her private life. Does this gorgeous TV host have a husband? Is she a mother to any children? Let's find out.

Is Deirdre Bolton Married?

Deirdre Bolton appears to be married to a mysterious man. Although it's not revealed who the mysterious guy is, this beautiful anchor did reveal in one of the interviews she tied the knot to some lucky guy.

Deirdre was asked about her favorite person/place when she said:

"Depending on the topic: the Bloomberg TV newsroom, my husband, 3 very different and equally fabulous friends and a lovely Philadelphia-based aunt."

This is her only revelation about her married life. This gorgeous TV host prefers to keep her personal life to herself. Her personal profile is so low key, there are non-existent reports on what the name of her spouse is, let alone who he is or how he looks.

American TV host Deirdre Bolton
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However, based on how Bolton speaks about her husband, it can be easily concluded she is living a happily married life with this secretive personality. Although Deirdre tends to deflect the question whenever she is asked about her family, the rare times she has spoken she is full of glow which suggests she is in a blissful relationship.

Meanwhile, Deirdre hasn't yet revealed about her children but it's been reported she is a mother to two adorable children. Just like their father, the name of Bolton's kids is a mystery.

It's not quite sure why this famous TV anchor kept her personal life away from mainstream media and it remains to be seen whether further info will be disclosed in the future.

Deirdre Bolton's Career

Post her graduation, Deirdre didn't take long to come up with the career path she was gonna pursue. Inevitably she has been anchoring for a long time with high success and recognition.

Before Bolton received fame, she worked at CDC North America in institutional equity sales. Later in 1999, her breakthrough arrived when she joined Bloomberg as an anchor.


Deirdre Bolton hosting Risk and Reward on Fox TV
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One of Deirdre's greatest achievements is hosting Money Moves where she got an opportunity to interview famous personalities such as Bill Ackman and Wilbur Ross.

In 2014, Deirdre joined Fox Business Network and subsequently began hosting Risk and Reward. However, she was absent for almost a year due to health issues. It was later revealed she suffered an injury in the summer of 2016 that needed a long time to recover.

Despite some bumps along the way that threatened her career, Deirdre does not seem fazed by them as she appears determined to achieve further success in her career.

Deirdre Bolton: Quick Facts

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  • She was born on 21st September 1971 in Newton, Pennsylvania.
  • Her birth sign is Gemini.
  • She completed her graduation from the University of Iowa.
  • She went to New York University for her master's degree.
  • She worked for Bloomberg TV.
  • She is best known for hosting Risk and Reward on Fox Business Network.
  • Before her Television career, she worked as an equity seller.
  • She worked alongside Cheryl Casone on the Fox Business Network.