Home Article Legendary actress Amanda Plummer, 60 is still unmarried; No boyfriend or a husband: See her journey here

Legendary actress Amanda Plummer, 60 is still unmarried; No boyfriend or a husband: See her journey here

Updated On 19 Mar, 2017 Published On 19 Mar, 2017
Legendary actress Amanda Plummer, 60 is still unmarried; No boyfriend or a husband: See her journey here

Amanda Plummer, the eccentric lady is supposed to be still single with the two relationships in a row that didn't work out in her life. Though her work and acting career are working pretty well for her. She is regarded as the full blown actresses who wowed the movie industry in a short period of time making a enough money all to cherish in life.

'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire' movie actress Amanda Plummer has no any interest in settling down or to have a family. 

She is 60 years old and yet she is still beautiful and charming as she was in her twenties. Talented diva has won the heart of millions of people by her extraordinary performances though she hasn't found her match.

Why is that so? Is it really true? Or she has a secret boyfriend or husband she hasn't flash about? Let's get into the dating history of amazing Amanda.

Amanda is possibly single        

Amanda is believed to be still single while her age is to be a grandmom. There are few records of relations with two of the men which weren't really strong one and they split up after a short time. 

Amanda Plummer, in her early age, Source: TV Buzer

An American/Canadian actress is exceptional in her stage performances, is a daughter of actors of Christopher Plummer and Tammy Grimes.

She is a Tony Award winner in 1982 for the performance on 'Agnes of God'.

 Amanda Plummer with her father, Christopher Plummer, Source: P interest

No news or facts are there for the reason of her to be single all the way her life, yet her several theater performances, acting in movies and few achievements tend to say that she has been extremely devoted to her work rather than to a man.

Amanda in the movie scene, 'Butterfly Kiss', Source: Cineplex

Tomboy look, Amanda is a New York girl, born and raised there, who is remembered for her roles in films like 'Joe Versus The Volcano', 'The Fisher King', 'Pulp Fiction'.

Amanda inclusive dating stories

Her dating history tells that she has dated Paul Chart in 1995 and Peter O'Toole in 1979 which weren't much exclusive so the news isn't really there about it.

Her relationship with both of them was for only a short period of time. 


Peter O'Toole, Amanda Plummer, and Sir John Mills, Source: IMDB

She was rumored to be in a relationship with Peter O’Toole, but they were said to be separated after few days.

Amanda Plummer with Paul Chart, Source: Broadway World

She was then said to be in a relationship with Paul Chart, but this relationship also ended after some time.

Let's say she only happened to have a fling with these two men which didn't turn out to be serious. It cannot be stated but might be the reason she is not interested in men.

Or, let's say she hasn't found her match yet or the man of her wish is not on this planet.

Plummer started her acting passion from the theater

She studied at the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre and did her first performance in the Manhattan Theatre Club in 'Artichoke

She was nominated for the Tony Award in 1981 for portraying in a Broadway revival of 'A Taste of Honey'.

She exclaimed that she got inspired and supported by her parents who are fortunately actors. Her parents are the main reason for her to got into the movie sets.

Amanda with a smile on the launch program, Source: TVGUIDE

Seeing her performance in the theater, she was hugely recommended by the director Lamont Johnson and she played her first debut movie 'Cattle Annie and Little Britches' with Burt Lancaster and Diane Lane.

Her eccentric character roleplay has managed to wow the fans excessively and has always brought a prominent package of versatility into the movie world. 

Amanda Plummer as Yolanda in 'Honey Bunny', Source: P interest

Her play as a young naive nun in the 'Agnes of God' is spectacular. Her quirky, crazy, spirited and dramatic performances are to remember of in every movie she has played.

Amanda is not a next door girl

She is unlike any other actresses who burst out into the movie industry as the top most actress in five years of span.

She doesn't care much about fashion and always present herself roughly, let's say not polished enough like a real movie-star.

But it cannot be said she is not a movie-star. She sure is!! She has gained accomplishment in short period of time.

She has won two Emmys and one Tony award.

Amanda Plummer, shooting with the black cat, Source: P interest

She has several amazing personal quotes she has written:

 I like taking a path into a new country, and I always take the darker path. Not because it's dark, but because there's a secret there that you can share when you get out. That's what I liked as a kid. That's how I approach my work. With a face like mine, it's lucky I have a heart that likes that.

I don't play roles everybody likes. I'd rather have a career I'm proud of. Like everyone else, I need to eat. But I'm a very unbusinesslike person, and I keep my price low. I'm not a mass product. I'm not everyone's cup of tea.

Her quotes reveal her carefree, dramatic, ambitious and unique personality.

Amanda Plummer on the Hunger Games Premiere, all glammed up, Source: Zimbio

Her hardships sure show that she should be paid well. The sources have stated that her net worth is said to be $20 million dollars by several sites. 

Amanda Plummer, talented renowned actress, Source: P interest

Whether it is her lack of interest in men or no luck on finding her right man, life is not always meant to find a true love.

Life is beyond that. Sometimes your dream becomes your true love! Maybe, she is following her dream than love. Hats off to this lady from our side!

Even though, it would be great to see her in the future in the arms of a man.

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