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American Actress Amanda Plummer, 59, Happy To Be Unmarried; Know Her Past Affairs And Boyfriends: Also See Her Long Journey of Acting Career in Hollywood

Updated On 27 Feb, 2017 Published On 27 Feb, 2017
American Actress Amanda Plummer, 59, Happy To Be Unmarried; Know Her Past Affairs And Boyfriends: Also See Her Long Journey of Acting Career in Hollywood

Amanda Plummer is an American actress who is known for her work in various big roles in the hit movie. Find out more about her personal life.

We all know about Amanda Plummer from her role in hit movies like the Pulp Fiction and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. She is one of the most popular Hollywood stars of all time.

She has never been married before but that does not mean that she has never dated a guy. She has not revealed much information about her personal life to all of us. 

However, if you want to know about her personal life then look no further as Marriedwiki has brought you all the information that you need about her. Let us begin then!!     

Amanda's Boyfriend or Husband

Little do we know about her personal life and that may also be the reason that many of her loyal fans would like to know more about her personal life as well.

Her career has been like an open book to all of us but what about her personal life?

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Although, the Pulp Fiction star hasn't hidden much of her personal life and by looking at the information that is available out there we can easily make out that she has not given much thought to marriage or something like that.

Though she has been linked with some stars in her past but none of them seem to work out for her.

Peter O'Toole and Amanda

She dated actor Peter O'Toole in 1979. The couple first met during the time when they used to star together on the broadway show called Pygmalion.

Source: TV Buzzer

It was the broadway debut for Peter as he played the character of Henry Higgins. Whereas Amanda played the role of Eliza Dolittle, the pupil of Henry Higgins. 

Both the actors were mesmerizing in their performance and might we say they look good together.

Though, the rumor regarding their relationship was hold down after both of them denied the fact. Maybe it was just a fling between both of them.

In the end, Peter O'Toole married Sian Phillips in 1959 and then his second marriage was with Karen Brown, whom he tied the knot in 1983.

Amanda and Paul Chart

Amanda dated English film director Paul Chart during the early 1980s. The couple started dating in the early 1980s after meeting during an award function. 

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The couple was looking great together and we all thought that this time she will definitely get married.

The duo even moved in together and lived in a rented apartment in Coldwater Canyon in Los Angeles. They have also purchased a car for them to cruise around together, a 1979 Volvo.

She has worked with Paul in the movie American Perfekt.

They were together for more than 15 years and the couple used to go to many awards functions together.

However, unfortunately, they got separated in the late 1990s. Their last meeting together was in a night party for the play "Kille Joe" on October 19, 1998.

Current Relationship Status

The 59-year-old gorgeous is currently single and it seems that she has decided that she will stay single for some time now. It looks like that she has decided that she will wait for the right one for her.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

Though many of her fans want her to marry soon and why wouldn't they. They really love the amount of contribution she has given to the Hollywood and actress of her level is very rare to come by.

We say that because one cannot establish themselves in the theater as well as in the mainstream movies, but she has done it and her incredible work is praised by the biggest of celebrities. 

Even if she is single for some time now, that hasn't stopped her from giving the best.

She is also one of the most hardworking actresses in the Hollywood and that is why she has garnered so many fans and close to zero haters.

Her professional career is one thing that we all know she is proud of and why wouldn't she, if we look at all the awards she has won over the past 4 decades of career it really makes anyone proud of themselves and Amanda is no exception.

Incredible Professional Life

Even though she has had no luck regarding her dating life but she has definitely had a lot of success in the Hollywood. 

The gorgeous diva made her Hollywood debut in the year 1981 and has been acting since then. 

She has starred in one of the most critically acclaimed pictures of all time like the Pulp Fiction, which she co-starred with John Travolta, Uma Thurman, and Bruce Willis

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She has also starred in The Hunger Games starring alongside Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth. She is one of the most critically acclaimed actresses of all times.

She is more famous for her roles in Broadway shows like A Taste of Honey and Agnes of God for which she received TONY awards for best performance. She received this incredible acting skill from her parents.

She received this incredible acting skill from her parents.

Source: NY Times

Many of you may not know that she is the only daughter of the Canadian actor Christopher Plummer and American actress, Tammy Grimes. Amanda really inherited the acting skills from her parents.

She won Emmy Awards three times, and a Saturn Award. In 1988 she was honored with the Anti-Defamation League Awards for Woman of Achievement.

In 2016, it was announced that she will receive Oldenburg Honors in German Indie Film Festival. She will receive this lifetime achievement award alongside Nicholas Cage.

She won the award for her work on The Fisher King, which she co-starred with the late Robin Williams and for her role in Pulp Fiction.

Her recent work was The Dancer and The Honeyglue which released on 2016.

Well, that's about it about Amanda's life and we really hope that she would not take a decision like staying single all her life. Let us hope that she will find the right one for her.

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