Home Article Is Eminem's Daughter Whitney Scott Still Single? Does She Have a Secret Boyfriend? Know About Her Relationship With her Parents.

Is Eminem's Daughter Whitney Scott Still Single? Does She Have a Secret Boyfriend? Know About Her Relationship With her Parents.

Updated On 17 May, 2019 Published On 17 May, 2019
Is Eminem's Daughter Whitney Scott Still Single? Does She Have a Secret Boyfriend? Know About Her Relationship With her Parents.

Daughter of the rap sensation Eminem, Whitney Scott at her tender age of 17, is single and free from the relationship. After going through family issues and finally being adopted by Eminem, she now enjoys a good lavishing life with her father and two half-sisters.

With a long life still ahead, it doesn't come as a surprise that Whitney Scott is totally concerned about her education than her relationships. Is her age the only reason for not having a boyfriend or something else? We have what you need in the article below. Check it out.

Whitney Scott: What Is Her Family Background? Are There Any Issues?

Rap God Eminem's daughter, Whitney Scott is currently living a pretty happy family life with her father and her half-sisters. She is an adopted daughter of Eminem and had to go through difficult family situations before finally living with him. She was adopted by the rapper from her biological mother and Eminem's ex-wife.

Eminem's Daughter Whitney Scott.

Academy Award winner Eminem dealt with a drug issue in the '90s and fell in love with Kimberly Scott in the mid-'90s. They went to tie the knot in 1999. Their relationship was going all good with the birth of his elder daughter Alaina Marie Mathers in 1993 followed by Hailie Jade born in 1995.

Eminem With His Ex-Wife Kimberly Scott In An Event.

Everything looked good until he found out Kim was having an extramarital affair with a tattoo artist Eric Hatter for which Eminem got violent and had to be booked by the police in 2001

Kim gave birth to Whitney in 2002, with Hatter. Whitney didn't meet her biological father which had Eminem adopt her in the same year. Kim couldn't keep her as she was a troubled woman back then with drug addiction. After the adoption, the rap god entered into the relationship with Kim yet again, which ended badly.

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Despite Whitney's trouble with Eminem, she is very much loved by her family, and she's the favorite of all. The Billboard Music Awards winner, mentions his daughters' names in songs and always tends to work less to make time for his daughters.

Is Whitney Scott Single Or Have A Boyfriend?

A 17-year-old celebrity daughter, Whitney Scott doesn't have a boyfriend. She has not grown enough to have a relationship and rather focuses on her academics.

Whitney Scot: Eminem's Adopted Daughter.

Having a relationship at this age might affect her other aspect of life which is why she stays away from it. Her father shows great concern about her life as he doesn't want it to get messy at that tender age.

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There is rarely any information about her in social media and the internet. At no point of time, there have been rumors about her dating. She has never had any problems with her life apart from the family issue that she faced during her baby age and toddler age.

Whitney Scott Mathers: Quick facts

Eminem's Adopted Daughter Whitney Scott.
  • Born on April 16, 2002, St. Joseph, Missouri, Whitney Scott Mathers is Eminem's adopted daughter.
  • She is an American Nationality with a zodiac sign of Aries.
  • Currently studying in high school, she is quite good academically.
  • She stands a height of 5'3" and a weight of 58 kg.
  • Due to her age, she's currently focused on her education and not her income, however, her father Eminem's net worth as of 2019 is $210 million.

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