Home Article Know about Margaret Cho's Dating life after Divorcing her first Husband: Is Popular for her Tattoos

Know about Margaret Cho's Dating life after Divorcing her first Husband: Is Popular for her Tattoos

Updated On 14 Aug, 2017 Published On 14 Aug, 2017
Know about Margaret Cho's Dating life after Divorcing her first Husband: Is Popular for her Tattoos

An American singer plus dancer, Margaret Cho is recently single after her divorce with her first husband named, Al Ridenour.

An American actress Margaret Cho is an officially announced bisexual. She hit the headlines after ending her 11 years of long marriage with her first husband named, Al Ridenour.     

After the divorce, people are curious to know about her new love life. So, is Margaret who is also popular for her tattoos dating someone?  

If you guys are curious to know about her personal affairs including her relationship and tattoos than you have come to the right place!!!!

Margaret Cho: Dating life and Boyfriend after Divorcing her first Husband 

The versatile lady, Margaret is currently single and is more focused on her career rather than personal life. 

After facing a failed and tragic marriage, she is now happy being single and she has also announced to be a bisexual and is busy in her works. 

 A total honor, thank you @rollingstone for naming me one of the 50 Best Stand-Up Comics of All-Time. pic.twitter.com/g3rdJGAGcK

Well, we are hoping soon she will announce her dating life. Well, it is quite boring to stay single. What say, guys!!!!  

Divorce with Al Ridenour

Margaret was married to an actor, journalist and author named, Al Ridenour on 13th June 2003. The couple were together for almost 11 years and were happy together. 

Later on, after the 11 years of their marriage, because of their personal differences, they filed for a divorce in 2014 and moreover, ended their relationship in 2015.

Margarate explained their marriage as very conventional and conservative at the same time.

Margaret and Al in a picture, Source: KolorBlind Mag

She further stated:

'' I married to a man but I'm bisexual so I like both. We got together because… we both have this (idea). I just don't want to have sex with the same person my whole life. That's just gross.''

Margarate is Popular for her Tattoos: Know their meaning here

Margaret is a fond of fashionable clothes and the tattoos. She has altogether 10 tattoos on her different part of the body including her thigh, upper arm, back, knee, chest and so on.

  • An eye surrounded by beads: She has a tattoo of an eye surrounded by beads on her upper right arm that reflects the eye of the lover with a Victorian jewelry. It is said that the secret lover gives each other the jewelry which had an eye according to her.
  • A large purple peony: On the left side of her chest she has a tattoo of a large purple peony. She made this tattoo because in Korean the meaning of her name is the flower, peony.
  • Pink and Orange Peony: The third tattoo is on her right upper arm with a pink and orange peony and the reason is same that her peony is the meaning of her name in Korean.
  • A bird with the body of a phoenix and purple peacock feathers: Cho made this tattoo on her left upper arm because she liked it as it is the cross between the peacock and Phoenix that gives no meaning.
  • A crane tattoo: Cho has a crane tattoo on her right thigh surrounded by cherry blossom. The reason behind her tattoo is she might like cranes.

Some of her interesting tattoos, Source: Steal Her Style
  • Black and Grey tattoo: On her upper back she has tattooed a black and gray tattoo which is quite confusing. It sometimes looks like roses and it also has a face of a lady on it.
  • Snake and flowers: Starting in the center of her lower back and wraps around her back and wraps around both sides of her hips she has a snake and flowers tattoo in 2005. She feels safe and secures having the art on her body.
  • A black and white tattoo: A tattoo by Kat Von D on the right back side of Cho. The reason behind making the art is the craze about the tattoo maker and nothing more than that.
  • Cherry blossom: Cho has the tattoo of cherry blossom on various part of her body including her right calf by Barnaby from Mom's Tattoo at Pomona Fairplex.
  • Portraits of President George Washington and Abraham Lincoln: Cho has the tattoo on her both knees portraying the president George Washington and the great, Abraham Lincon.

She stated about the tattoo:

''Well I wanted to be in a one-man band, that's my idea. So I was going to put knee cymbals so I could bang their heads together. I just thought that it would be good to keep the beat and stay patriotic.''

Her tattoos, Source: Steal Her Style

This all shows that she is a true tattoo lover and also is a fond of arts as well

Quick Facts about Margaret Cho

Source: Famous People
  • Born as Margaret Moran Cho on 5th December 1968 in San Francisco, California, the United States.
  • Raised in a Korean family and in a racially diverse neighbor.
  • Grown up by the parents, Young-Hie and Seung-Hoon Cho.
  • She was bullied because of her different appearance.
  • At the age of 5 and 12, was sexually molested by a family friend.
  • Attended Lowell High School.
  • Admitted to San Francisco School of the Arts.
  • Involved in improvisational comedy group when she was in school along with Aisha Tyler and Sam Rockwell.
  • Also worked as a phone sex operator and also as a dominatrix.
  • Worked in The Golden Palace, an American sitcom by Susan Harris in a small role.
  • Worked in All American Girl with stars, B.D Wong, Amy Hill, Jodi Long, Ashley Johson, Judy Gold, Clyde Kusatsu and others.
  • Released her single titled, I Cho Am a Woman on iTunes.
  • Also, a belly dancer started since 2006.
  • Competed in the show, Dancing with Stars and partnered with Louis van Amstel.
  • Won a Lambda Liberty Award.
  • Is an officially announced bisexual.
  • Has been at the forefront of gay rights and anti-bullying campaign for years.
  • Has an estimated net worth of $ 3 million.

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