Home Article Is TV Personality Daniel Edgar Married? Know About His Rumor Affairs And Relationship

Is TV Personality Daniel Edgar Married? Know About His Rumor Affairs And Relationship

Updated On 17 Feb, 2020 Published On 28 Jan, 2019
Is TV Personality Daniel Edgar Married? Know About His Rumor Affairs And Relationship

Daniel Edgar is gallantly famous for his alligator hunting tales on the History channel. But with the industry now crumbling before his eyes, it is still asking for a lot of skill and strategy to keep his business afloat.

Nonetheless, there is no denying that this man had his share of near-death experiences more than any other reality star. But are there any counterparts of his who roots for his well-being while he is out there risking his life? So know about this all below starting from his married life with wife & children all the way to his major breakthrough. 


What is Daniel Edgar Up To Now?

Well, everyone is aware that Daniel Edgar, a notorious American TV personality gained prominence for his appearance on History Channel's most-watched show, Swamp People. But, what else people don't know much about h

Swamp People is now on its tenth season which premiered on January 31, 2019. In addition to that, Daniel's crew is made up of his two sons, Joey Edgar and Dwaine Edgar along with grandson Dorien. 

The white-haired was previously married to the love of his life, Juanita Thomas Broussard but at present, he is widowed. Daniel and his spouse were living blissfully with their two children until she passed away on March 17, 2018, at age 68.

Daniel Edgar's Married Life and Children; Who Is His Wife?

The veteran and a true badass, Daniel Edgar's love life to his fans seem to be quite an unfair story with no specific moment to tell from.

Either he never had that passion for yearning or it's just that fighting with swamp beasts really kept him busy, one thing’s for sure that he didn’t bother much to write on his relationship phase.

Daniel Edgar with Joey and son Dwaine Edgar(from left).
SOURCE: St. Mary Seafood

We may get the bundle of heroics tale of his from marshland’s, yet what the man does after that will for now always remain a story for another day.

However, it's not that the man was totally oblivious for love neither he seems now. As his two sons, who now follow Edgar on his gallant adventure of taming river monsters, were always his pride from the beginning.

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Sure daddy sometimes turns cold stone towards his sons, Joey and Dwaine but there’s no denying that by doing this he is molding his sons to be a true fighter in every manner.

As to who was the mother who gave birth to Daniel’s heir is in itself a no less than an unsolved and untold story. So far we know that the name of  Joey and Dwaine’s mother is Juanita Thomas Broussard.

But sadly who the woman is also another unfortunate tale. In fact, her name only came to make the headlines after her very last moment. Yes, you heard it right! His wife is no longer with him as she passed away some time back.

Dwaine Edgar on his mother's death anniversary 

Dwaine and Joey's mother, Juanita died at the age of 68 on March 17, 2018, at Our Lady of Lourdes Regional Medical Center.

Still, even before her death, neither the people nor the media were able to get the root of the relationship between Daniel and his wife.

Daniel Edgar’s Major Milestone!

Given his grand time for Swamp People, you might probably go with sayings that there’s nothing more Daniel has to claim in rivers. However, you gotta re-think that notion.

In the month of February 2017, Edgar finally took the much-awaited gratifying breath of his with the biggest catch ever in the history of swamp people.

For sixteen years, Swamp People’s were longing to tame their mythical monster “big bad” Grande Noir. And this was Daniel’s ultimate bull’s eye yet to be hit.

And finally, after 10 separate sightings and chances to kill, Daniel finally reached that breakthrough of his in the show’s premiere of Season 8.

Grand Noir being measured by Edgar and the crew.
SOURCE: Monsters and Critics

In that very episode, the legendary gator, reportedly the fiercest, biggest alligator in Swamp People lore, finally met its fate thanks to the father-son teamwork of Daniel and his son, Dwaine’s stealthy hunting.

But it wasn’t easy, not at least in the way it sounds.

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Despite the beginning of the then-new season of Swamp People on History, the task was legendarily old.

From the evolution of Swamp People, the infamous Grande Noir residing in Franklin was no less than an Everest for even rebellious hunters. And so came the prodigal son and father duo of Dwaine and Daniel to finally caged this hard-to-get-to mucky lair at Black Bayou.

Grand Noir
SOURCE: Monsters and Critics

Observation of Grande Noir and his habits was keeping Edgar in the driver’s seat from its first sightings. In addition, the giant reptile was also terrorizing the vicinity at the same time. Consequently, the carcasses of local deer were also often used to float in the water.

So, the revolutionary hunt began first with Daniel getting his unusual approach of floating the airboat instead of the conventional raft.

In the end, it was Edgar’s methodical and successful snaring of Grande Noir that dominated the premiere. Alongside this, his son Dwaine also learned that legends can be cut down with an observant approach to understanding the routine of their scaly enemy.

However, the chase wasn’t without competition at all. The other major contenders were another family of Tommy Chauvin, another late-bird, and his dedicated boss Jay Paul Molinere who also showcased the most dangerous macho stunts in the chase for the gator.

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With the dread finally ended for the people of Louisiana(thanks to Edgar family) the fans are now wondering how the handing down of these family businesses will work out for the Edgars as Dwaine is still trying to live up to his father’s legacy.

Quick Facts: Daniel Edgar

Source: Monsters and Critics
  • Daniel was born and raised in Lidia, Louisiana in the US.
  • Daniel commenced his Swamp People journey in 2016 with season 8 of the show.
  • Edgar is also a grandfather to Dwaine's son, Dorien Edgar. 
  • He belongs to German African descent.

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