Home Article Is Young American YouTuber Tsm Myth Dating Someone or He is Yet to Find a Girlfriend?

Is Young American YouTuber Tsm Myth Dating Someone or He is Yet to Find a Girlfriend?

Published On 04 Jun, 2019
Is Young American YouTuber Tsm Myth Dating Someone or He is Yet to Find a Girlfriend?

Famous American YouTuber Ali Kabbani aka TSM Myth is a young and attractive internet personality who is expected to be hanging out with girls all the time. However, his dating life is a sort of mysterious and confusing.

Having started his career at an early age, TSM Myth is now establishing himself as a popular streamer, making attractive money from his work. How does he earn all the money? Let's get the information from an article below!

Young American YouTuber TSM Myth Relationship Status; Is He Single Or Does He Have A Girlfriend?

The relationship status of YouTuber TSM Myth is a mystery to his followers as he rarely talks about it in his videos. He hasn't confirmed anything about his girlfriend yet however in the past he teased his fans about his dating life.

Twitch Streamer TSM Myth.

Famous over YouTube and Twitch, Myth once said he's dating another gamer and Twitch streamer Pokimane. While streaming a game of Fortnite, a viewer asked if he and Pokimane were dating, he answered,

"Yes, We Are"

Although it seems casual answer with less seriousness in it, they were captured together in many places. Have a look at the picture!

TSM Myth With His Rumored Girlfriend Pokimane.
SOURCE: Pinterest

They look adorable together, don't they? Pokimane shared a picture on her Instagram which certainly raises the eyebrow. It looks like they're in a sweet secret relationship but we cannot confirm unless they open up about it.

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Apart from Pokimane, Myth was also rumored to be hooking up with a streamer Skwonto. See her adorable post!

All the talks apart, Myth is quite secretive about his relationship status and hesitates to talk anything about it. All we can do is assume looking at his picture with a girl. 

YouTuber TSM Myth Personal Life; His YouTube Career And Earning

TSM Myth was into gaming from an early age as he created his YouTube channel at the age of 14. Keeping his intimate life to himself his life is full of gaming and streaming earning him a handsome income every year.

Ali "Myth" Kabbani Is A Professional Gamer And Streamer On Twitch Tv.

Myth began streaming in Twitch where he gained popularity playing Paragon. His major fame and subscribers count increased after he started streaming Fortnite. Moreover, his Twitch followers count is 5.5 million and gets an average of 6,000 views per stream making a total of around $90,000 per year.

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His YouTube channel Myth holds 4,331,559 subscribers with a total of 268,528,909 views which earns him around $20 thousand per month and about $200,000 every year. See the video of Myth gaming against Tfue in a Pro Battlegrounds!

Well, his career comprises of gaming and streaming, entertaining the followers and viewers. His net worth sums up around $2 million. Honestly, it looks like a fun career but not a cup of tea for everyone.

TSM Myth: Quick Facts

Famous YouTuber TSM Myth.
  • Born on May 24, 1999, in Dearborn, Michigan, TSM Myth is a Twitch streamer, YouTuber, and Professional Gamer.
  • He stands a height of 5'4" which equals 1.63m.
  • Zodiac sign of Gemini.
  • He started playing video games from the young age of four.
  • His net worth is around $2 million.

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