Home Article Isabel Pakzad & Boyfriend James Franco Are Still Going Stronger; Age Is Just A Number?

Isabel Pakzad & Boyfriend James Franco Are Still Going Stronger; Age Is Just A Number?

Published On 26 Feb, 2020
Isabel Pakzad & Boyfriend James Franco Are Still Going Stronger; Age Is Just A Number?

The delicious Hollywood man aka James Franco broke millions of his fans' hearts when news broke in 2017 that he was a taken man. But, who is the lucky woman who is super hot?

Well, the lucky woman dating James Franco is the currently 27 years old Isabel Pakzad, a rising actress known for her appearance in films including This Is 25, The Deuce and Birds of Prey. But, age is no problem at all for these two love birds.

Isabel and James Began Dating In 2017

The brunette and the Spider-Man actor are believed to have been dating since November 2017, as reported by Daily Mail. Although the couple prefers to keep their relationship private as much as possible, Isabel reportedly met her boyfriend whilst working on the set of The Deuce where James played the lead role of Vincent Martino whilst she played a minor role.

Isabel Pakzad and James Franco have been dating since 2017. SOURCE: Famous Fix

Franco even brought Pakzad at the premiere of the third season of the HBO hit series. Both Franco and Pakzad tried to maintain a lowkey profile regarding their affair in the beginning, but after the pictures of the couple getting lovey-cozy were snapped, it was obvious.

And, whilst Isabel, a graduate of the Univeristy of Southern California, was only 24, James was 39. However, having shared an age difference of fifteen years, the two just clicked in and have been head over heels in love. The love must have been, in fact, so strong that Isabel still didn't leave her boyfriend's side even after sexual misconduct against was revealed in 2018.

Sexual Misconduct Case Of Franco

Four of Franco's acting female students came forward on Twitter against the Oscar nominee that he committed sexual harassment against them. One of the actresses under the name Sarah Tither-Kaplan alleges that he asked her to perform nude scenes for $100 per day for two of his films and that Franco offered them $100 per day.

In 2018, James Franco's former acting students came forward to allege he sexually harassed them. SOURCE: Twitter (@sarahtk)

According to Sarah, she also claims that James even confronted that it wasn't exploitive because she agreed to do the film and signed the contract. Likewise, another woman who disclosed herself as Violet Paley claims that Franco exposed his genitalia whilst he exposed his student against a car.

Paley further accused Franco that he even invited a fellow seventeen years old friend to his hotel room whilst noting that he already sexually harrassed another seventeen years old. Franco who was also reported to have asked out a British teenager on a date, however, denied the allegation.

Two years later, as of February 2020, Franco who has been romantically linked with actresses including Amanda Seyfriend, Ahna O’Reilly and Marla Sokoloff and the New Jersey-born are still going stronger. The two are often snapped together traveling, at events, having dinner/lunch and even at the beach.

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