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Inside Jessie James Decker and Eric Decker's Relationship Timeline

Updated On 30 Nov, 2022 Published On 30 Nov, 2022
Inside Jessie James Decker and Eric Decker's Relationship Timeline

Jessie James Decker and Eric Decker have been married for nearly a decade and are parents to three: Inside their relationship timeline!

Jessie James and Eric Decker have come a long way as separate entities and a couple. The couple continues to thrive with their busy brood and headlines-inducing family drama. Before finding one another and becoming one of the most popular television couples, Jessie and Eric lived quite a low-profile life. Jessie James is a country pop singer known for her infectious hits like Southern Girl City Lights, Wanted, Fall in Love, and All Filled Up.  

Jessie's husband, Eric, is a former football wide receiver, who played in the NFL for eight seasons, starting with Denver Broncos, before moving to New York Jets, and Tennesse Titans. Decker played his last game for the New England Patriots before announcing his retirement in August 2018. The Decker couple recently faced intense backlash after posting a picture of their kids showing off their adult-like ripped abs.  

Inside Jessie James Decker and Eric Decker's Relationship Timeline!   

Not much of Jessie and Eric's relationship is a secret. The pair are one of the many who prefer to keep their relationship as candid as it can get, even their steamy moments. In addition, the couple's reality show, Eric & Jessie: Game On, which aired for three successful seasons, left little to the imagination. The singer and the retired footballer met via a mutual friend. In her memoir, Just Jessie, the Fall in Love hitmaker reveals how she let Eric pursue her for months while she made zero effort.   

Jessie James is a country singer and designer. SOURCE: Instagram

"I wouldn't call it game playing. I'd call it common sense," the singer writes, adding, "For the first three months of our relationship, he never got an incoming call from me." The singer and the footballer duo had a virtual relationship for weeks before they met and connected in real life. It only took the attractive pair a year of dating bliss to realize they wanted each other for life.  

Jessie and Eric announced their engagement in 2012 and walked down the aisle in June 2013. The twosome has since been together through thick and thin. The Wanted crooner and Decker are parents to three, and as per the country singer, parenthood has enhanced their marital ties in many ways. "It's made it even stronger and made us even closer," Jessie explains. 

She adds, "We created these people out of love together,,, and now we're raising three people that we have in common, not just biologically, but we have in common that we are so madly in love with these people that we created together." The country singer previously spoke about being done with their family of five. But the Kittenish founder had a moment of doubt when Eric booked an appointment for a vasectomy. "He's going to wake up that morning to go to the hospital and I'm just going to cry," Jessie explained while sharing how she might want another baby in the near future.  

Jessie and Eric Decker have been married for over a decade. SOURCE: Instagram

While we love an open duo like Jessie and Eric, the candid lifestyle has sure come with a price for the pair. The now-retired footballer faced infidelity rumors in 2018 that could have brought the couple to the brink of a split. Several sources accused the Broncos alum of fooling around with girls in clubs. One can only assume the ruckus created between the spouses by the accusations, but Eric hit back on Twitter with, "Sorry lady, the only club I've been jamming is The Mickey Mouse Club House!   

Jessie and Eric Decker as Parents!  

The Decker pair are parents of three, daughter Vivianne Rose, 7, and sons Eric "Bubby" Thomas II, 6, and Forrest Bradley, 3. Three may be a crowd for many, but the Nashville-born singer isn't shy to admit that she sometimes has her moments of "what if." "I've been extra lovey lately and have the big question mark of is this the end of our baby creating? Are we done?" the singer wrote alongside a picture of her family.   

Jessie opens up about wanting more kids in the future. SOURCE: Instagram

The 34-year-old goes on to explain what's been adding to her desire to further her family to include one more Decker. "The kids have been asking for a baby sister. It's a battle and heavy on my mind lately," writes the Kittenish creator. "But as I said, I'm just going thru all of the emotions right now. Maybe not right now? Maybe in a few years? Maybe it will pass? Is anyone else here? I need to pray about it," the ever-vocal mother of three concludes.   

Jessie calls her kids ripped-abs, the result of their active lifestyle and athletic genes!  

Celebrity parents can be extra cautious about parenting and disciplining their children to accomplish greater feats, and the internet can be harsh sometimes. Jessie and Eric found themselves at the crossroad of the two factors when the couple faces harsh comments for "allegedly overtraining their kids." The singer-turned-designer had uploaded a picture of their kids with ripped abs on Thanksgiving day, and the post caused an internet stir.   

The couple faces criticism for "allegedly overtraining their kids." SOURCE: Instagram

Some trolls took to Jessie's comment section to accuse the singer of editing six-packs onto her kids, and many thought it was "overtraining, and underfeeding" tactics. "It's the 'mommy starves us' diet plan,” a user wrote. Another commented, "Yeah, they're working those kids to the bone,, dude . No way around it." The singer has since defended her kids' ridiculously good physique to their active lifestyle and her husband's athletic genes. "How bizarre our world has gotten regarding the body and what's normal and wha's not," Jessie wrote in a follow-up post.  

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