Home Article Journalist Brit Hume is Living a Happy Married Life With Wife Kim Schiller; Know About His Family

Journalist Brit Hume is Living a Happy Married Life With Wife Kim Schiller; Know About His Family

Updated On 29 Jun, 2023 Published On 28 Nov, 2016
Journalist Brit Hume is Living a Happy Married Life With Wife Kim Schiller; Know About His Family

Brit Hume is tied a Knot to Kim Schiller Hume. Once, he failed in his married Life. Prior to Kim, he was married to Clare Jacobs Stoner. Due to some circumstances, the couple got Divorced. Though, the reason behind the couple's separation has not been released by both Parties. The date of their marriage and divorce has not been disclosed yet. The couple was blessed with one child: Sandy Hume, Who is no more.

An American television correspondent and Political Commentator Brit Hume have been ruling over the television industry with his amazing talent and charismatic personality. We all know him through his successful professional career. However, Let us discuss his personal life.

Despite having a wonderful married Life, some celebrities choose to keep secret it.  Let us find out about his wife, children, and family life.

Brit Hume's Married Life and Divorce

Currently, Brit is living a successful married life with his wife Kim Schiller Hume. However, before Kim, he was married to Clare Jacobs Stoner. 

Sadly, due to some circumstances, the couple got a Divorce. They were also blessed with a child; a son named Sandy Hume but he is no more.

Kim Hume is his second wife. The duo tied the knot in 1993.  It seems they are spending their life happily. They have been blessed with two children: Louis Hume and Virginia Hume.

In addition to his achievements as a Fox News anchor, he embraces the wonderful role of being a grandfather to several grandchildren. He has openly expressed his genuine affection for their company, cherishing every moment spent together. The love and joy he experiences in their presence are immeasurable, creating cherished memories that bring him immense happiness.

Once there was a rumor that Kim was going to leave her husband Brit. The reason behind the rumor was Brit’s extra-marital affair.

Reports claimed that Brit had an affair with Megyn Kelly. It was believed he was romantically involved with Megyn, who is also a journalist.

This incident created conflict between Brit and Kim. But the duo sorted out everything and is now living together happily.

Tragic death of Brit’s Son Sandy Hume 

A sad tragedy stuck with Brit Hume 18- years ago when his son alexander sandy Hume committed suicide on Feb 22, 1998.  A few months before his death, Sandy began drinking once again and became an alcoholic. 

A few months before his death, Sandy has begun drinking once again and was an alcoholic. The Police busted him earlier that day for speeding.

He first tried to kill himself in a Jail with the shoelace hanging himself from the door but the Police heard his choking and save him and took him to the hospital.

However, later Sandy killed himself with a rifle. It was a very tragic moment for his family especially his father, Brit. 

Brit Hume’s Professional Life and Awards

After the completion of his education, he began his career as a Correspondent for The Hartford Times Newspaper.

From 1970-1972, he joined syndicated Columnist Jack Anderson. In the year 1973, he began working for ABC News as a consultant, covering the News of the U.S. House of Representatives for 11 years.

Later, in 1989, Hume became ABC’s Chief White House correspondent. In 1996, Hume Left ABC for the Fox News Network, and he became Fox News’s Washington Managing Editor.

To this date, with his hard work, he has been nominated and also various awards. In 1979, Hume earned television's first Academy Award nomination for his work in ABC’s documentary Program.

Check out the clip of Brit Hume reporting about "Racial Bias" to President Obama!

Similarly, in 1991, he won Emmy Award for Coverage of the Gulf War. He also won American Journalism Review's Best in the Business award for White House coverage not only once but twice.

Later, in 2003, he won Sol Taishoff Award for Excellence in Broadcasting Journalist.

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