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Kate Garraway Ditched Sugary Food For Weight Loss; See The Results

Published On 12 Nov, 2019
Kate Garraway Ditched Sugary Food For Weight Loss; See The Results

As the beautiful Kate Garraway gets older, she looks more fit and slimmer. Well, what's the secret to her beauty and weight loss?

Kate Garraway Weight Loss Journey

It's been over two decades since Kate Garraway began her career as a reporter and presenter. And throughout the years, she endured ups and downs with her married life when she split from her first husband, Ian Rumsey after four years of togetherness.

Three years later, Garraway then married her second husband, Derek Draper with whom she has been together since and shares two children including son William Garraway Draper who was born in 2009 and daughter Darcey Mary Draper, born in 2006.

Kate Garraway when she was pregnant with her second child. SOURCE: Daily Mail

And for the tv presenter of Good Morning Britain, her weight gain issue began following the birth of her second child. Moreover, it was also her love for sweets that made Garraway difficult to shed weight.

Obviously, Kate was never fat or overweight but as a mum of two, Garraway wanted to stay fit and healthy for the sake of her young children. So, what did the Abingdon-born star do to trim down her figure?

Garraway Emphasized On Healthy Diet

The first and the foremost thing the tv presenter do to lose weight was by cutting off the food that highly impacted the actress with weight gain. Like many people on their weight loss journey, Kate mainly consumed low carbs food like fellow celebrities Eddie Hall, Andy Cohen, and Ree Drummond.

Kate Garraway ditched high calorie and sugary food for weight loss. SOURCE: Kate Garraway Instagram

Also, most importantly Garraway also cut off sugar from her diets and focused on consuming less calorie food to avoid weight gain problems. Matter of fact, Kate tried to eliminate consuming sugary food throughout the day after 8 am.

Other than that, Garraway also ate avocados on a large rate to burn up her body fats as she revealed less sugar food and avocados were enough to keep her energy level high. Not to mention, the author of The Joy of Big Knickers also removed caffeine to keep her body healthy.

Attempted To Walk Everywhere

Of course, to lead a healthy lifestyle and lose weight, a healthy diet can't do wonder alone, as it also takes fitness and exercise regimen. And, Kate similarly also credits a strict exercise regimen she followed being the reason behind her weight loss secret.

Kate Garraway also cut off high carbs food for weight loss. SOURCE: Kate Garraway Instagram

But, when Garraway who was fully aware of the busy schedules that sometimes didn't give her the time to work out, she compensated by walking everywhere she possibly could.

In the meantime, her co-host Susanna Reid who as well as underwent an impressive weight loss transformation ditched alcohol and limit the snack time which eventually helped her lose weight seven pounds in less than two years.

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