Home Article Know About 42 Years Hodgetwins' Wives And Married Life; Details Of Their Affairs And Rumors

Know About 42 Years Hodgetwins' Wives And Married Life; Details Of Their Affairs And Rumors

Updated On 31 Jul, 2021 Published On 21 Sep, 2018
Know About 42 Years Hodgetwins' Wives And Married Life; Details Of Their Affairs And Rumors

You probably know the Hodgetwins brothers by the name Kevin Hodge and Keith Hodge who is best known for running a YouTube fitness expert channel with loads of comedy in it.

Their love life has been an interest in a lot of their followers. Do they have girlfriends or secretly married? Follow the article to know about their personal life!

Are Hodgetwins Brothers Dating Anyone Or Married? Know About Their Relationship!

The 43-years-old twins sure do have a fascinating professional life but how are they holding up their love life? They are very much open about their lives but when it comes to their love life, they have been living behind the curtains about it.

 Kevin Hogde

Kevin with his wife Elizabeth and daughter.

After doing a lot of research, many sources have reported that they both are married men and do share children with their wives. Hodgetwins are bodybuilders and have a special relationship with their wives. So, yes, the two are happily married.

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Keith Hodge is said to have married his best friend, Elizabeth Hodge for more than 15 years. Not many details about their lives are known out as open as he has not shared much about his personal life but several reports claimed that Keith shares three children with his wife.

 Kevin Hogde

Kevin and Keith are both training experts and runs a comedic Youtube channel
Source: ECelebGossip

Keith and Elizabeth met way back before their marriage as they are said to be best buddies. Elizabeth often tweets about her husband and their children from which we could know much about their relationship.

On the other hand, Kevin is also a married man and shares children with his wife. Kevin is less vocal about his personal life so no information about his family has been out in the open.

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Well, the Hodgetwins' is living a blissful life with their family with a success in their career and let us hope that we get to hear more news about their personal life soon enough.

Hodgetwins Rise To Limelight!!

The rise of the Hodgetwins began in late 2008 when they started uploading comedy videos that went viral in a short period.

The twins became famous worldwide gaining a huge number of fans constantly and started appearing in minor TV shows and commercials which helped them to grow their brand.

The twins are even labeled as entrepreneurs and have their own clothing and supplement line. Some of their followers also say, 'The twins on the rise' as they continue to pursue their dreams of making it on the big screen someday. They say,

“We are all different, and everyone’s body reacts differently to different exercises and nutrition, volume, and rep ranges. What may work for you may not work for someone else. We are very clear about that in our advice to people. Sometimes you have to try a number of different approaches or a combination of routines to reach your fitness goals.”

Despite their great name in the entertainment industry, the twins are a big fan of bodybuilding. They work on each body part twice a week and the brothers say that they never train to failure, believing it's not necessary for optimal muscle growth.

By far, the Hodgetwins have done videos on the latest and hottest trending topics, from Cardi B to Kamala Harris to James Woods to White Privileges.

Hodgetwins: Quick Facts

 Kevin Hogde

Source: ShowBizPost
  • They were born on 17 September 1975.
  • Their birthplace is Virginia.
  • Often referred to as fitness guru and has earned 2 million+ followers.
  • Kevin has been a guest on Morning Express with Robin Meade.
  • Their birth sign is Virgo.
  • Their combined net worth is estimated to be $3.5 million.
  • The Hodgetwins are conservatives.
  • The Hodgetwins live in Virginia after they quit Los Angeles where they lived for more than fourteen years.
  • Fans can stay updated with the Hodgetwins on their official website.

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