Home Article “You never get bored with YouTube”, here is the list of top 15 most popular YouTubers

“You never get bored with YouTube”, here is the list of top 15 most popular YouTubers

Updated On 03 Feb, 2017 Published On 03 Feb, 2017
“You never get bored with YouTube”, here is the list of top 15 most popular YouTubers

YouTube have made a common man a celebrity. There are a lot of big YouTuber and some of them are very influential. Let us find out more about that.

YouTubers are now a big part of our lives. After a long day at school or office, we reach our home and all we want is to relax. Many people tend to sleep or watch TV after reaching home but the majority of us chose to watch YouTube videos and relax. 

After its inception in 2005, YouTube has become one of the most-watched entertainment in the world. From watching cooking recipes from Rosanna Pansino's channel to watching pranks from Roman Atwood's channel to watch reactions in Fine Bros channel, we have everything we need in YouTube for entertainment.

Below are some of most influential YouTubers of all time. Keep note that this list is in no particular order.  

15) Joe Sugg (Thatcher Joe)

Joe Sugg is an English YouTuber from Wiltshire, the United Kingdom who generally makes prank videos with his friends and often play games.

His videos are very entertaining and due to his talent of doing voice over, he is more famous.

Source: Pinterest

He is 25-year-old and he has 7.7 million subscribers as of now his videos has 900 million views. In 2017, his total net worth was estimated at around 1.6 million dollars.  

He is famous for his Dare Sugg series in which he fulfills all of his viewers dares and make a video out of it. Even though he hates doing it but he still does it for his viewers as he is very loyal to his fans. He is also good friends with

He is also good friends with Alfie Deyes and he is the brother of big YouTuber Zoella.

Joe is secretly being romantically involved with singer Perrie Edwards as they were flirting with each other on the social media.

All of his fans are surprised at this time, but we all believe that Joe will soon reveal what is going on!!

14) Casper Lee

He is one of the most funniest YouTuber around. His sarcastic jokes and gags will make you burst into tears while laughing off course. Casper Lee is a British-born South African YouTuber. 

Source: 110 Gaming

He has around 7.1 million subscribers and more than 700 million views on his videos. He is famous for his collaboration with big celebrities like Ed Sheeran, Mark Wahlberg, Justin Timberlake, Kevin Hart, Seth Rogen and Will Ferrell.

Though he is a very big star, he is still very down to earth due to the fact that he is doing lots of philanthropy work from his side. 

In his recent video, he shared the experiences with an HIV-AIDS victim in South Africa.

He was also the roommate of Joe Sugg and both of them still are good friends and make videos together once in a while. His estimated net worth as of 2016 was 800,000 dollars

As of now, he has no girlfriend, and if he ever has one then we will let you know about that.

13) Jenna Marbles 

Jenna Marbles has been on YouTube for a long time now and her long term hard work has garnered her more than 16 million subscribers. 

She is one of the most recognized YouTube celebrity and her videos have fetched more than 2 billion views.

Source: Wikia

Her video includes random videos, from marrying her dogs to make them fly, to do a failed prank to make beauty videos. She has all the talents and she excels in every field.

Even though she is so famous, but she still remains faithful towards her fan as she occasionally makes Q&A videos and answers all the questions that her fans ask her.

During 2016, her net worth was 2.5 million dollars and she is still growing more and more. Her most recent video was Jenna trying to make her dogs fly. In 2013 Jenna announced her split from her boyfriend of four years,

In 2013 Jenna announced her split from her boyfriend of four years, Max Weisz. It seems she is now in a relationship with Julien Solomita but nothing is confirmed as of yet.

12) Mark Fischbach (Markiplier)

Mark Fischbach is also a veteran YouTuber, who is known for his comedic commentary while he is playing certain games on his channel. Mark is more famous for playing horror games and his epic reaction is very funny.

Mark is more famous for playing horror games and his epic reaction is very funny.

Source: Wikia

Mark was a Biomedical engineering student when he started making videos. At one time Mark took a very big risk by leaving his degree and became a full-time YouTuber.

It seems his risky decision was worth it as he has now made it to the top. He has currently 16.4 million subscribers and his videos have over 6 billion views

Mark is in a relationship with Amy Nelson, though he has not revealed that by himself but we have dug deep and found out about that.

11) Rosanna Pansino 

Rosanna Pansino is famous for her cooking skills. She can cook and make cookies or cakes of just about every shape in this whole world. 


Source: FanPop

She has made a cake of the shape of Star Wars or Death Star shape. Her channel is famous for her show called Nerdy Nummies in which she teaches many people how to cook.

She also collaborates with many YouTubers and made videos with them together. She has more than 7.5 million subscribers and her videos have fetched more than 1.8 billion views. Her net worth as of 2016 was 2.5 million dollars.

She has not yet revealed any boyfriend of her, and judging by her nature she will probably not hide this information from us.

10) Rhett James and Charles Lincoln (Good Mythical Morning)

Rhett James McLaughin and Charles Lincoln made an entertainment channel that will garner a lot of views. The duo first met in elementary school and are friends since that time.

Source: Tumblr

Both of them are known for their timing of comedy and sarcastic jokes. They host a show every day in their channel in which they discuss weird things from all around the world. 

Their channel has garnered more than 11.5 million subscribers and their videos have over 3 billion views. Their recent video was about what would happen if we drink 300 cups of coffee a day. 

Their net worth as of now is 3.6 million dollars. Rhett is married to Jessie Lane in 2001 and they have two sons named Diane and Jim McLaughlin. Charles Lincoln is married to

Charles Lincoln is married to Christy Neal in 2000, they have no children between them.

9) Tyler Oakley

If there is any YouTuber who is made it to the very top, meeting the biggest of celebrities like One Direction, Ellen Degeneres, and Hillary Clinton.

Tyler Oakley is also a Gay activist and an LBGT advocate. He goes to various meetings and function as a Gay activist.

Source: 2048

Since his coming out a video that he posted on YouTube, he has become an internet sensation and every single one of his fan supported him. In that video, he told everyone that he is a Gay.

Tyler Oakley videos include skits and comedy regarding being Gay. He is one of the most active YouTuber currently. He has more than

He has more than 8 million subscribers and his video has got him more than 600 million views.

As of 2016, his net worth was 8 million dollars making him one of the richest YouTuber. He has no boyfriend as of now.

8) Roman Atwood

Roman Atwood is the best prankster in YouTube. His pranks get audiences from all over the world and that is why he is world famous. Roman Atwood started making prank videos in collaboration with his friends

Roman Atwood started making prank videos in collaboration with his friends Dennis, Gilroy, and Vitaly Zdorovetskiy.

Source: Pinterest

After that, he started working solo and he has one of the most creative pranks out there. His channel has a mere 132 videos but he has a whopping 10 million subscribers and not to mention his unreal 1.4 billion video views.

In 2016, his net worth was around 9 million dollars, excluding his line of merchandises. If we add all the merchandises that he has sold his net worth may go way up.

Roman is in a live-in relationship with this girlfriend Brittany Smith and he has one son named Noah from his previous marriage and he has one son with Britanny named Kane Atwood.

7) Ian Andrew Hecox and Daniel Anthony Padilla (Smosh)

If there is one channel who started since the beginning of YouTube, then it is this channel. Ian Andrew Hecox and Daniel Anthony Padilla are childhood friends and their chemistry is shown in their channel.

Source: Drama Style

The duo is famous for their parody videos like 'Masterchef Millennials,' 'The Big What If,' and 'Every Blank Ever.' One of their famous series is Part Timers, which is also their first time scripted long-form series.

Even though there are a lot of YouTubers that are more popular than them but one thing that really stood out for them is the fact that they have their own Wax figures in London's Madam Tussauds.

Their channel has more than 20 million subscribers and their videos have fetched over 6 billion views. Their net worth for the year 2016 was 7 million dollars.

Ian is currently in a relationship with Pamela Horton and Daniel has no girlfriend right now.

6) Ray William Johnson

Ray William Johnson is also a YouTube veteran. He first gained fame when he started making videos regarding his reaction to viral videos. His show called "

His show called "Equals Three" has been the spot from which he first got famous.

Source: The Daily Dot

That show has featured many famous celebrities like the late Robin Williams and Sarah Silverman. Though he has stepped down from that show, he still makes vlogs on his channels.

He is also a part-time rapper and he has been featured in a music video with rapper DeStorm Power. As of now, his channel has 10.4 million subscribers and his videos have over 3 billion views.

In 2016, his net worth was estimated at around 5 million dollars. Ray is currently in a blissful relationship with Kelly k Farrell since 2016. He also posts the regular update with her on his Twitter and Instagram account.

5) Olajide William "JJ" Olatunji (KSI)

Olajide Olatunji, aka KSI, is a world famous YouTuber. He is best known for his facial expressions and loudmouth personality. The main highlight point of his video is his

The main highlight point of his video is his shouting ability, pretty weird!!! The majority of his videos includes a lot of swearing and that is also a big highlight point of his channel.

Source: Higgingtonpost

He started his YouTube career by posting videos of him playing EA Sports Fifa and doing commentary on it. His commentary was liked by everyone and within a year he garnered more than 10 thousand subscribers.

Nowadays, he does challenges video or asks his subscribers to give him new challenges. Although, he do not like doing those challenges as they are very difficult to do but JJ is very loyal to his fans.

He is also a rapper and sings occasionally. In 2016 he had 15 million subscribers which have grown a bit more now and his videos have fetched over 3 billion views

As of 2016, his net worth was over 10 million dollars which is a huge amount, but judging by his channel's size the net worth is very justifiable. His video has also featured big celebrities like

His video has also featured big celebrities like Dwayne Johnson, Rio Ferdinand, and Connor McGregor.

4) Lilly Singh (SuperWoman)

Lilly Singh, aka SuperWoman, is a very big female YouTuber who is currently the reigning queen of YouTube. She is of Indian origin and that may also be the region that people find her accent very funny.

Source: Buzzfeed

She generally does impressions about her parents or relatives and the impressions are very funny. She also collaborates with various big YouTubers and makes funny videos with them. 

She was doing a Masters in Psychology when she decided to give up on that and became a full-time YouTuber. .

The main highlight of her videos would include her funny accent that she makes and her funny facial expressions.

She has almost reached 11 million subscribers and her videos have 1.7 billion views. In 2016 her net worth was 7.5 million dollars.

She is currently single but she has revealed that she is in a relationship with someone on her Twitter account. 

3) Benny and Rafi Fine ( TheFineBros) 

Well, who does not recognize Benny Fine and Rafi Fine!! Everyone know them by their super hit channel named TheFineBros. The brothers were one of the two first YouTube stars since its inception in 2005.

Source: BBC

Their channel is famous for its react series in which they bring in kids, youngsters, middle age, and old people to react in particular videos. There are many YouTubers in that video as well.

The series focuses on the people's reaction to funny and viral videos all across the internet. The channel has been officially sponsored by Ford and the Comedy Central which makes it one of the most trustworthy channel.

Since the day they have joined their channel has 14.8 million subscribers and their video has more than 4.8 billion views. In 2016, their net worth was 2.2 million dollars.

2) Ryan Higa (NigaHiga)

Ryan Higa, aka NigaHiga, is a very big YouTuber whose channel started way back in 2006. His channel is the oldest channel on YouTube.

Source: Google Plus

Ryan Higa started this channel with the help of his brother Sean. The duo used to make videos when they were in high school. They used to make random videos on their weekends. 

He generally makes random How to videos which the majority of his fans like. His how to be a ninja video is one of the most watched videos on the internet.

His channel has 19.1 million subscribers and his videos have 3.1 billion views. In 2016, his net worth was 2 million dollars.

Ryan is currently single and it seems he do not want to be in a serious relationship right now as he is having a lot of fun making videos. 

1) Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg (PewDeiPie)

Felix Arvid is the most popular YouTuber of all time. There is virtually no one who have not heard this man's name. He is best known for his commentary while he plays various video games.

Source: Planet Fashion

Felix started his channel 2010 and quickly became an internet sensation. His reaction and voice is one of the main highlights of his videos. 

He is also considered the Oprah of the gaming industry as if he uses a  games name in one of his videos then the game is sold very quickly and one can see a major peak in its sale.

Felix has the most subscribers on YouTube, with his 'Bro Army' reaching to a whopping 52 million in 2016. His videos have a staggering 10 billion views. 

In 2016, his net worth was around 15 million dollars. Felix is also in a healthy relationship with Marzia Bisognin since 2011. 

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