She is the voice of the voiceless people who are not able to express their desire to the world. Poppy Harlow is one of the most loved journalists in our country and the work that she has done has really impacted the life of every person in the country.

She has focused her entire career on journalism and for her hard work, she recently got the role of the main news anchor in CNN Newsroom. 

Similarly, she is a married woman and also has a child with her husband, let us take a look into the life of Poppy and find out how is she getting her inspiration.   

A Source of Inspiration- Poppy's Husband 

Poppy is one of the most courageous reporters out there and we can say that by the sheer amount of backlash she took from Donald Trump's supporter when she took a stab against his policies.

But she handled the backlash all too well.

Poppy and Sinisa Enjoying together, Source: Daily Entertainment News

Her husband Sinisa Babcic is her source of inspiration as he is the one that tells her to whatever she feels is the good decision.

She has always said that she feels blessed for having a husband like Sinisa. He has always supported her career and motivates her to do what she always feels right.

Poppy once said in an interview"


Poppy and Sinisa during a Business Meeting, Source: Flickr

She married Sinisa on September 01, 2012 in New York, NY in a content ceremony. The marriage was a big affair and they invited many of their friends and family members.

The couple has been together for more than 4-years now and they are currently living in New York. Their relationship is one of the ideal relationships that one hope for and they sure are lucky in that aspect.

Caring Parents

Their daughter Sienna is most probably the luckiest daughter alive as her parents are very loving towards her.

Now you all must be wondering that why is she the luckiest one well, it seems that her parents are treating her like an angel. 

Poppy welcoming her Daughter with Sinisa, Source: Celebrities Baby

Well, first of all, she is very lucky to have parents like Poppy and Sinisa.

It looks like that their daughter Sienna will be a journalist as well, we mean if you are taking numerous visits to your mom's office then surely you will have an urge to become a reporter as well.


#FridayNights with my favorite people

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Sienna has been visiting the office even before she was born. Now all of you must be wondering that how is that even possible, well Poppy is a very dedicated towards her work and she refrained from taking any leave from her work during her pregnancy.

Sienna was born on April 11, 2016, and she was very healthy as she weighed around 8.5 pounds during her birth.

It looks like that Poppy also wants her daughter to be a journalist, she captioned the image by putting a very funny statement.

Becoming the New Anchor of the Morning Show

This may come as a very good news for all of you Poppy fans out there as she has become the new co-host of the show CNN Newsroom alongside John Berman.

She replaced the previous host Carol Costello


Today's the day -- catch the debut of our brand new @CNN Newsroom right now! @johnberman

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John Berman left At This Hour which he co-hosted with Kate Bolduan. Everything is going pretty well in the life of Poppy Harlow and we wish her all the success and good health and fortune for her family and friends.