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Lisa Ann Russell Is Living Happily With Her Husband Jeff Probst And Children, After Divorce From Mark-Paul Gosselaar

Updated On 23 Jan, 2020 Published On 06 Dec, 2018
Lisa Ann Russell Is Living Happily With Her Husband Jeff Probst And Children, After Divorce From Mark-Paul Gosselaar

Lisa Ann Russell is an American actress who started her career from modeling. The 46 years old actress, however, did not get her current fame in a blink. She rather worked hard and drew the attention of different producers gradually. 

Her personal life, however, is quite contrary to how she thought it should be, not much disappointing for her though. If you wanna get further information about her married life and affairs in detail, you better hurry up and start reading below. 


What is Lisa Ann Russell Up To Now?

Lisa Ann Russell, a 47-year-old actress is now living a blissful marital life with her Emmy-award winning husband Jeff Probst. Assuming the amazing chemistry between the two, there is a fewer sign for the couple to part separate ways.

Probst is a stepdad to Russell's two teenaged kids, Michael and Ava he is very close and treats them well. It would not surprise to say, they are indeed made for each other though this is not their first.

Back in 2017, news had it that Lisa wanted her beau to quit the show "Filming Survivor" and spend more time at home with family. Filming Survivor means being on location in a remote area of the world for four months in a year. It's not that he only loves his job and doesn't go home when he's not shooting.

Lisa Ann Russell is Living Happily With Her Husband Jeff Probst and Children

While residing in California, Lisa Ann Russell became a model for Revlon which opened doors to multiple opportunities for her. Today, she is well known for her roles in Twisted Love (1995) and Kounterfeit (1996) movies. 

Her wedding to Emmy Awards winning a host of a reality television show, Survivor, Jeff Probst further heightened her fame. Russell married his girlfriend Lisa Ann Russell on December 5, 2011, and they are a happily married couple.

Are Lisa Ann Russell and Jeff Probst Still Together?

The leading American actress and her Emmy-winning host are united as a life partner for eight years now. Since the duo is tied in wedlock they've never been involved in extramarital affairs nor heard of parting ways.

Russell's spouse Jeff is a family man, a proud father, and a loving husband. Probst prefers to spend quality time at home with his wife and kids while in leisure. 

Just like this is not Lisa Ann's first wedding, it isn't Jeff's either. Yet, they look so perfect and happy together. Back in February 2018, news had it that Russell wants Probst to leave "Survivor" as he could not spare time to his family.

The starlet says, her family doesn't need the Survivor money, they're already completely set for life. Now that their kids are at the teenage, Lisa requires his help more than ever.


Lisa Russell with her current husband, Jeff Probst.
Source: Entertainment Tonight

They do not share any kids together yet, however, they have two kids to look after. They are the legitimate guardians of Russell's son Michael Charles and daughter Ava Lorren, both from her first marriage to Mark-Paul Gosselaar. They happily share the custody of those two children.

There is no denying that this couple is head over heels with each other. About 2 years after their marriage, Probst invited his wife to the Jeff Probst Show and they co-hosted the episode. However, in social media, they are not much showy.

Afterward, they appeared in different red carpets and public ceremonies together. PopCandies TV spotted them walking together in a romantic mood during a Hollywood ceremony.

There is no indication of them being parents together anytime soon. It might be because they already have two beautiful children with them. Nevertheless, if they decide to give birth to a baby together, we hope it will not be too late. 

Like Russell, Probst also was married once before. He was in a married relationship with a psychotherapist Shelley Wright without any child. This duo tied the knot in 1996, however, due to unknown reasons, they called it quits five years later in 2001. 

Lisa Ann Russell Marriage And Divorce With Mark-Paul Gosselaar And Their Children

Before coming across television personality, Jeff Probst, Lisa Ann Russell was American actor Mark-Paul Gosselaar's wife. 

They walked down the aisle on August 26, 1996, in Maui Cove on Maui, Hawaii. They share two kids Michael and Ava who were born in 2004 and 2006 respectively.

Russell's first husband, Gosselaar.
Source: Huffington Post

Russel met Gosselaar for the first time in 1993 when she made a guest appearance in the television series, Saved by the Bell: The College Years.

Though the exact reason is not known, Gosselaar filed for divorce on June 18, 2010, and they officially separated in May 2011. Despite their ultimate divorce, they shared a glorious married life for 14 years. 

Lisa Ann Russell with her first husband, Mark-Paul Gosselaar.
Source: Broadway Shows

Shortly after their divorce, both Russell and Gosselaar found new partners and they are now happily married. 

Interesting Facts of Lisa Ann Russell

  • Born on March 21, 1972, in Sterling, Illinois, USA. 
  • Stands 5 feet 2-inches tall. 
  • Weighs 117 lbs. 
  • She holds an estimated net worth of $2 million.
  • Her nationality is American. 
  • Body measurement is 35-25-35. 

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