Home Article Love Is In The Air For Rapper Bandhunta Izzy & His Girlfriend; All The Details Here

Love Is In The Air For Rapper Bandhunta Izzy & His Girlfriend; All The Details Here

Published On 16 Dec, 2019
Love Is In The Air For Rapper Bandhunta Izzy & His Girlfriend; All The Details Here

Not sure if we're envious of Badhunta Izzy dating Zonnique Pullins or vice versa? Like, guys, say hello to the cutest young couple in Hollywood.

Fans of the Hip Hop artist, Bandhunta Izzy were first heartbroken over the news of the rapper kindling a romance with Zonnique Pullins in September 2018 when Izzy shared a video of himself and Zonnique clubbing together, confirming their relationship.

Bandhunta Izzy Loves Showing Off Zonnique Pullins On Instagram

To be even more precise, Zonnique was the one who initiated the public with her relationship with her beau before Izzy made it official with the video. And, way before that, Zonnique even hinted her fans in mid-2018 that the special place in her heart was taken.

Rapper Bandhunta Izzy has been dating Zonnique Izzy since 2018. SOURCE: Bandhunta Izzy Instagram

Not to mention, only in August, Pullins talked about a brunch date by posting a picture taken by her man without mentioning the rapper in the caption. But, since their dating life has been known to the public, neither Bandhunta nor Zonnique are shy of showing PDA on social media.

As a matter of fact, the then-newly love birds even tried everything to keep their affair as secretive as possible in the beginning. Sadly, as Zonnique's large fandom grew more interested with their relationship, considering that she is a reality star and the step-daughter of rapper T.I., the truths were bound to come out as soon as possible.

But, today, adorable pictures of the Maryland native and his girlfriend can be easily spotted on both of the couples' social media.

Not A High School Sweethearts

In the meantime, Bandhunta and Pullins haven't commented on how their romance developed. But, some reports claim, the love birds met through mutual friends. And, it was only a matter of time before their friendship turned into a romance.

Zonnique Pullins and her boyfriend, Bandhunta Izzy. SOURCE: Zonnique Pullins Instagram

It's however, certain that the young pair is no high school friends. In an Instagram post attached with a picture of herself with her boyfriend, Zonnique clarified that they were no high school sweethearts so they made their own history.

On the other hand, it seems as Bandhunta has been approved by Zonnique's parents too including her mother, Tameka Cottle who is highly known as Major Girl with her stage name. Although it's obvious that Tameka keeps her personal life lowkey, there's no doubt that she doesn't like her future potential son in law.

Maybe, the fans can also expect to see Izzy on the future episodes of Zonnique's family reality show despite the fact that Zonnique has publicly stated before that she doesn't want to show her boyfriend on tv as she is picky when it comes to sharing her personal life to the public.

Zonnique has been a part of her parent's reality tv show; T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle which is about sharing personal details of his parents' life that features their life at home alongside glimpses of themselves as a parent to their children.

Other than that, Pullins is also a part of Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta. And, in case you didn't know, but Zonnique is also a former member of the R&B female group called OMG Girlz.

Meanwhile, one can't deny the fact that Bandhunta and Zonnique make a cute pair together.

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