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Perfect Family Of Melissa Ordway & Husband Justin Gaston

Updated On 04 Oct, 2020 Published On 04 Oct, 2020
Perfect Family Of Melissa Ordway & Husband Justin Gaston

Melissa Ordway is acing it as a mother and wife while still working as an actress. No doubt, marriage looks great on the 17 Again movie star and her husband, Justin Gaston.

Melissa Ordway & Husband Justin Gaston Married Since 2012

Like many actors, Melissa Ordway too met her then-future husband while working on a movie in 2011. Well, the Atlanta born actress met her now-boyfriend turned husband, aka fellow actor and model Justin Gaston when they filmed for Escapee.

Ordway can be seen as the role of Renee Sanders whereas her husband co-starred as Kyle. Needless to say, the onscreen actors then soon turned into an offscreen couple as romance sparked between them from there.

The love between the Privileged actor and Gaston deepened smoothly that in less than a year, the love birds became engaged. And, a year later in September 2012, they tied the knot in a Christian ceremony at a church in Ordway's hometown.

Melissa put on a white sleeveless dress along with a long veil as her partner looked handsome in a black suit. The bride and groom definitely looked like a perfect match made in heaven on their big day.

Melissa Ordway and Justin Gaston wed in 2012. SOURCE: Pinterest

And, eight years later, Melissa and her husband are still going stronger together. As a matter of fact, the actors celebrated their eight wedding ceremony on 22nd September in 2020.

In addition to Gaston, Melissa previously dated ex-boyfriends, Justin Baldoni who is married to Emily Baldoni today. As for Justin, he is renowned for dating then-16 years old singer Miley Cyrus whom he met in 2008 while he was 20.

Melissa Ordway & Husband Adopted A Child

The couple waited four years till they started their own family. However, Melissa Ordway and her husband Justin Gaston decided to go for an adoption option to have their children. And, their first child, Olivia Christine Gaston joined Melissa and Justin in 2016.

Melissa Ordway and husband Justin Gaston with their daughters; Olivia and Sophie Gaston. SOURCE: Instagram

Olivia, in addition, was born in April. But, the couple loves her like any parents would love their children. Olivia wasn't just the end to Melissa and Justin's happiness as the actress then soon became pregnant with their second child and first biological child in early 2017.

Their younger child, a daughter was born in December 2017 right around Christmas. The husband and wife decided to name her Sophie Jolie Gaston who celebrates her birthday on 9th December. Sophie turned three in 2020 while her elder sister turned four.

The Gastons live in Nashville where the couple bought a house in 2020. Melissa and her family also live in between Georgia and Los Angeles.

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