Michael Schoeffling, one of the most handsome actors Hollywood ever had in the 80's and 90's, once rose to fame like no other actors. But now, he's disappeared from the spotlight.

How can we ever forget his outstanding role in hit '80s Classic movie Sixteen Candles along with John Cusack? The movie is still considered as the all-time best teen romantic movie but as we know, time doesn't stay the same, so does the fame and success.

After several hit movies, Michael put a full stop to his acting career and now living a normal life with his loving wife, former actress Valerie C. Robinson.                     

And now most of the nostalgic women want to know what Michael is up to these days. Will he make a come back in the movies? Let's find out!                    

Michael Schoeffling Is happily Married To Wife Valerie C. Robinson

The former actor and model, Schoeffling is more of a family man than a career-oriented man. After retiring from his film career, he's living happily with his wife former actress Valerie C. Robinson.

Then and Now, Michael Schoeffling
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The wonderful pair tied knots back in the 1980s, intimate ceremony amidst close friends and families. Ever since the wonderful couple is living a blissful married life together without any divorce or affair rumors.

The pair remains discrete about their personal life and has hardly made any public appearances. They have been living in his native state of Pennsylvania and running his furniture and wood business in his hometown near Wilkes-Barre. 

Before leaving acting, Michael suffered heavy alcoholism and went to different rehabs and finally quit drinking. After that, he stayed away from media and movies, living a normal life with his wonderful family.

His wife Robinson is known for movies like One Shoe Makes It Murder and Patty Hearst and Having Babies II.

The couple Is blessed With Two Children

The ideal couple, Michael, and Valerie together shares two children, both daughters named Scarlet Schoeffling and Zane Schoeffling.

Michael with his wife Valerie and children
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His daughter Scarlet Schoeffling is now a popular model working at NYC model innovative artists.

Michael Schoeffling: Quick Facts

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  • Born and raised in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, Michael Schoeffling is the former actor and famous model.
  • Best known for his role as Jake Ryan in Sixteen Candles along with Molly Ringwald and as Joe in Mermaids, along with Winona Ryder, Bob Hoskins, and Cher.
  • Attended Cherokee High School in New Jersey and majored in Liberal Arts at Temple University.
  • He traveled across Europe and South America and did odd jobs before landing up in acting.
  • He was also a former college wrestler and won medals in various national and international tournaments.
  • He met an agent and finally got his first debut as Jake Ryan in movie Sixteen Candles at the age of 23.
  • After giving up acting, he started working for handcrafted furniture as the owner of his hometown.
  • He has an estimated net worth of about $500,000 at present.