Home Article Meet Michel Hunt, Wife of Footballer Darren Sproles: Know all the Details about their Married Life and Affairs

Meet Michel Hunt, Wife of Footballer Darren Sproles: Know all the Details about their Married Life and Affairs

Updated On 03 Jun, 2022 Published On 13 Oct, 2017
Meet Michel Hunt, Wife of Footballer Darren Sproles: Know all the Details about their Married Life and Affairs

The husband and wife couple, Michel Hunt and Darren Sporles are having such an amazing bonding together.

 Most of you know the athletic and sporty American footballer Darren Sproles but his wife, Michel Hunt who's a gorgeous woman, survived cancer and is also a competent track runner, is someone we must know.

This amazing soul is living happily with her husband, Darren, enjoying blissful married life, without any rumors of divorce or split.

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Michel Hunt, Living a happy married life along with her husband, Darren Sproles

The couple, Michel and her husband, Darren got married in 2010 after being in a relationship for years. The ceremony was small and private rather than grand.

Regarding her husband, he is an American footballer who's a running back and return specialist making many records in the game. Ever since the pair is together, going strong day by day and enjoying their marital bliss.

 Together always.


Happy Breast Cancer Awareness Month!!! October will always be a special month for me... Oct. 27, 2012 I underwent a Bilateral Mastectomy after being diagnosed with Stage 0 Breast Cancer. Although most would consider that an aggressive choice of treatment for such an early stage I did what I thought was best for me. I appreciate all those who were supportive of me during that difficult time. Special thanks to my mentors #ChristinaApplegate and @boldandbreastless who kept me encouraged. I can't forget my wonderful husband who makes me feel beautiful no matter what, and all my family and friends who were and are still so supportive of me. And to all my BC Sisters who are still in the fight and have conquered the fight continue to press forward, stay faithful, and educate others. #Survivor #BreastCancerAwareness #ThePinkLine

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Love is in the air.


Date night with my hubby! @dsproles43 ????

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Whereas, Michel is never afraid to handle all sorts of problems regarding their relationship whether it is off camera or on camera. She always keeps her opinion with positivity. She always supports her husband and she also easily handles the critics and haters.

Apart from their love life, they also support each other in many aspects as well.



All Black Errthang!!! #EaglesChristmasParty2016

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Perfect couple.


Me & my hubby @dsproles43 ... #espys

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It's been long years that they are together and living happily as well. The couple with such great boding is till now free from any types of rumors about their divorce and extramarital affairs.

The couple is blessed with two children

 The couple is blessed with two daughters, Devyn Annette Sproles and Rhyan Leigh Sproles that completed their family and are really proud to be the parents.



Love my babies! #Blessed #DemSprolesGirls #SisterLove @dsproles43

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 Daughters and father posing.


Love my babies! #Blessed #DemSprolesGirls #SisterLove @dsproles43

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A complete family picture.


Happy Easter from the Sproles Family!!! @dsproles43

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Despite their busy schedule, they somehow manage to give proper care and attention to their children. 

We hope to see the family happy as today in the future as well.

A Breast Cancer Survivor

Generally, Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer found in women which develop from breast cell that affect one woman out of eight. There are various types of breast cancers including- TNBC (Triple Negative Breast Cancer), DCIS and many more.

Today many of the women are suffering from such cancer. Among them, Michel too suffered from DCIS ( Ductal Carcinoma IN Situ), a kind of breast cancer which is the presence of abnormal cells inside a milk duct in the breast.

Michel Hunt and Darren Sporles

Michel with her husband in a picture, Source: Daily Mail

Moreover, after seven days she was diagnosed and had to go under many therapies and surgeries. But as of now, she is cancer-free and happy. Today she dedicates a large portion of her life to educating young women about this disease and encouraging them to stay on top of their health, regardless of age

Quick Facts about Michel Hunt

 Michel Hunt

Michel posing for a click, Source: Fabwags.com
  • Born on 29th November 1983 in Los Angeles, the United States.
  • Daughter of Michael and Darlene Hunt.
  • Is an American and belongs to African American ethnicity.
  • Sagittarius is her birth sign.
  • Attended J.W North High School.
  • Graduated with the degree in communication.
  • Runs a non-profit organization named, Sproles Empowered Youth along with her husband.
  • Diagnosed with the breast cancer.
  • Her husband has an estimated net worth of $24 million.

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