Home Article Molly O'Malia, 16, Model and Singer; Is she already Dating? See her Personal Affairs and Career

Molly O'Malia, 16, Model and Singer; Is she already Dating? See her Personal Affairs and Career

Updated On 23 Jul, 2017 Published On 23 Jul, 2017
Molly O'Malia, 16, Model and Singer; Is she already Dating? See her Personal Affairs and Career

Molly O'Malia, a beautiful actress plus singer is currently single and was in the controversy with the famous rapper, Tyga.

Molly O'Malia is an aspiring model and singer on Instagram who came to the lime light after her controversy with singer Tyga. The 16-year-old diva is very attractive and already has a huge fan following. 

So, what about her personal affairs? Has she already started dating? Let us discuss her relationship, and career in today's section.   

Molly O'Malia: Dating life and Boyfriend             

One thing we can say about Molly is that she is beyond her age and has achieved a lot but as far as her relationship is concerned she seems to be single these days.  

However, as per her Instagram pictures, she has posted several pictures on social media accounts with Brycie Babyyy (an Instagram account name).

They are always seen hanging out at several places Molly often posts her pictures with him.     

But they call themselves "friends" and nothing more than that. This might be also true as we can not assume about their relationship only because they were spotted together.

As per the Instagram account of Bryn, we found something too shocking; he uploaded a picture with a guy with a caption, love you baby and this indicates that he might be a gay.

So, Molly is currently single and is not dating anyone.


Constantly thankful for Ari?? I love you baby

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Controversy between Molly and Tyga

The huge controversy that helped Molly to be popular.

The controversy was between Molly and the Kyle Jenner's former boyfriend, Tyga posted by Ok magazine in accusing about their sexual relationship.

He sent messages to Molly constantly on Instagram which made her uncomfortable.

According to Molly, she thought Tyga was messaging her to talk about her music and all but later on, he called her for face time and that made her very uncomfortable.

However, Tyga showed the screenshot about their conversation in which he talked about the music as well. The controversy was really confusing as both the parties have their own statement and are difficult to trust any of them.

This made the audiences confusing as one has a different statement whereas another has other. One of them has obviously leaked their conversation but both of them denied about that.

However, the magazine was wrong and they are not the couple but are just the friends so Molly spoke out and arranged a press conference where she told about her and Tyga's conversation.


Blurred face of Molly in Ok magazine, Source: Daily Mail

Is this just a way of gaining popularity or real, it is still confusing for the audiences but hope to have the victim justice.

Molly during a press conference, Source: B. Scott

Molly's Career

The beautiful Molly is an aspiring model plus a singer too. She started her career as a model and opened her own channel on YouTube.

She uploaded many songs videos online and grabbed the attention of the huge audiences.

And her dispute with Tyga she was more popular. People started noticing her and her work. As of now. she is busy building her career and we wish her all the best for that.    


summer wya

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Quick Facts about Molly O'Maila

Molly posing for a click, Source: Blog Numero Uno- blogger
  • Born on 22nd May 2001 in Wilmington, Delaware, United States.
  • Raised along with her sister, Christina who recovered from brain injury.
  • Started her career as a model in Ok magazine.
  • Started uploading several singing videos on YouTube.
  • Was in controversy with the rapper, Tyga

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