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Meet Olivia Christine Gaston; Child Of Melissa Ordway & Justin Gaston

Updated On 04 Oct, 2020 Published On 04 Oct, 2020
Meet Olivia Christine Gaston; Child Of Melissa Ordway & Justin Gaston

Olivia Christine Gaston has been such a blessing to actress Melissa Ordway and her husband Justin Gaston. Olivia might not be the biological daughter of Ordway and Gaston, but she has the spirit of her parents' love, strength and compassion in her blood.

Olivia Christine Gaston Was Adopted

Olivia Christine Gaston was welcomed by her parents on 30th April 2016. But, the life of Olivia had a different plan as her biological parents left her for adoption centers where she met her adoptive parents, none other than the gracious actress Melissa Ordway and Justin Gaston.

Olivia Gaston was adopted by Melissa Ordway and Justin Gaston in 2016. SOURCE: Pinterest

Melissa and Justin filed the adoption papers and took Olivia to her new home where her new family awaited for her with new hopes and dreams. Her parents had been struggling to have kids for years. And, by the grace of God, they united with Olivia.

Olivia's parents were married for four years before they welcomed their first child and daughter to their family. They met in 2011 when they both were filming for the movie, Escapee where Melissa played Renee while Justin played the role of Kyle.

Olivia Gaston's parents, Melissa Ordway and Justin Gaston married in 2012. SOURCE: Pinterest

Melissa and Justin, in addition, had their sacred wedding in September at a Atlanta based church in the presence of their close friends and family. And, that was just a beginning to the new chapter of their life that awaited so much happiness and blessings.

Olivia Christine Gaston Is A Big Sister

On the other hand, Olivia Christine Gaston isn't the only child of her parents as she has a younger sister too. She is a big sis to Sophie Jolie Gaston who was born in December 2020.

Olivia Gaston with her parents and sister Sophie Gaston. SOURCE: Instagram

Melissa Ordway and her husband Justin Gaston conceived her in early 2017 and were also very excited to share the happy news with the fans. Olivia and her little sister only share an age difference of a year and a half. While Olivia is four, Sophie is three in 2020.

Also not to let it go, Olivia is a Taurus by her birth sign while Sophie is Sagitarrius. But, most importantly, neither Melissa nor Justin discriminates between Olivia and Sophie in any kind. They love their daughters equally so much and often share their pictures on social media.

Melissa and Justin are indeed proud parents of their two princesses. The couple only bought a new home in Nashville in 2020 and moved there along with their daughters. The family previously lived in LA and Atlanta where Melissa was born and raised.

In addition, Olivia is the granddaughter of Christine Ordway and John Ordway. She indeed received her middle name in an honor of her maternal grandparents.

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