Home Article Props To Menno Versteeg On His Mental Health Policy; Versteeg Is Married To Annie Murphy

Props To Menno Versteeg On His Mental Health Policy; Versteeg Is Married To Annie Murphy

Published On 02 Feb, 2020
Props To Menno Versteeg On His Mental Health Policy; Versteeg Is Married To Annie Murphy

According to research, musicians are highly risked with suffering mental health issues comparatively than the rest of the people. And on that aspect, surely at one step at a time, Menno Versteeg is making progressive changes, when it comes to mental health issues of bands.

The co-founder of Royal Mountain Records, a Toronto based indie record label, musician Menno Versteeg is known for his involvement with the band, Hollerado alongside co-members Dean Baxter, Jake Boyd, and Nixon Boyd. But, since the band sadly parted ways in 2019, Versteeg is more focused on his business with his music label.

Menno Versteeg's Music Label Pays $1500 To Its Bands

Versteeg can be highly praised for his music labels' policy to fund $1500 for the bands for their mental health treatment. Of course, Versteeg is aware the fare is not a big amount, but to come to the conclusion where he realizes the importance of mental health and how musicians struggle with it, the Canadian artist is doing things right by making such a big move.

Menno Versteeg was a part of Hollerado which was disbanded in 2019. SOURCE: Pinterest

Not to mention, Versteeg mentions in an interview that Hollerado actually decided to split like five times during its beginning and struggling phase. Other than that, keeping in mind that the band was formed in Ottawa and highly traveled across Toronto and Montreal, it's understanding Menno knows a lot about the mental health struggles.

The news was first shared in March 2019. Not to mention again, Versteeg even sought therapy to take care of his mental health which is also comprehensible to why he considered launching the policy. Sadly, the singer is also aware that not every label can afford the fund system.

Menno Versteeg has been married to wife Annie Murphy since 2011. SOURCE: Daily Hawker

Also, speaking of which, his wife, Annie Murphy must be proud of his husband and his work ethic on mental health.

Husband Of Annie Murphy; Married Since 2011

Fans remember Murphy, a Canadian actress for her role in Schitt's Creek as Alexis Rose. Menno and Annie have been together as husband and wife since 11th August 2011. Things look great between these two, as of 2020, but it hasn't, however, always been rainbows for the couple.

Menno Versteeg and his wife's apartment was burned down in 2014. SOURCE: Pinterest

After returning from the actress's parents' cottage in 2014, Versteeg and Murphy found out their apartment being completely burned whilst they were away. Every belongingness of the couple they had in their apartment was turned into ashes.

With only $400 in Murphy's bank balance, it was a nightmare. And, for the next couple of months, Versteeg and his wife stayed at the musician's parents' home. Luckily, the actress who had recently applied for her role on Schitt's Creek was accepted by the casting members.

Needless to say, her role as Alexis on the comedy-drama is what helped the actress recovers from the devastating loss. Fast forward today, more than five years later, the couple has moved on from the incident and is extremely happy together.

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