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Protective Mother; Ambyr Childers & Ex-Husband Share Two Kids

Published On 05 Feb, 2020
Protective Mother; Ambyr Childers & Ex-Husband Share Two Kids

More than an actress and more than whilst she on the set, actress Ambyr Childres is happier when she is with her two young children. With the fact that Ambyr is a mother to not just one but two, it is surely surprising, isn't it?

Arizona born Ambyr Childres' career hit the jackpot when she appeared as Susan Atkins in Aquarius, a crime drama which aired on NBC. And, also evidently, Ambyr's fanbase grew even higher after portraying the role of Candace Stone on the Netflix' hit series, You co-starring Penn Badgely and Victoria Pedretti. The series is the book adaptation of Caroline Kepnes.

But, interestingly, what most of her fans didn't know is the fact that Ambyr is also a mother, indeed a happy mother, of two kids, she shares with her former husband. So, who is the father of her children?

Ambyr Childres Shares Her Kids With Randall Emmett

Well, yes, Childres was previously linked to film producer Randall Emmett, prominent for financially contributing to projects like 2 Guns, The Irishman and Silence. Emmett and Childres actually remained together until 2016 for seven years since they married in 2009.

The former couple, however, reconciled their relationship though. But, sadly, it couldn't work out and there was nothing left on the table for the two but to only split, for the final time. And, in 2017, Childers' marriage with Emmett finally hit the rock bottom.

You actress Ambyr Childers was married to Randall Emmett from 2009 till 2017. SOURCE: Zimbio

Childres and Emmett's marriage produced two daughters including Rylee Emmett, born in 2010 and their youngest one, London Emmett, born in 2013.

Divorce Drama Between Ambyr & Lala

Since the beginning of their divorce, things seemingly couldn't look great for the two, but the worst was still yet to come. Before their divorce could even be finalized, Emmett already began dating another woman, aka his current fiancee, Vanderpump Rules' star, Lala Kent.

Ambyr Childers comes at Lala Kent on Instagram for sharing her pictures on Instagram. SOURCE: Daily Mail

Not to mention, Childres couldn't keep up well with his ex-husband's current partner and soon to become the step-mother of her daughters. The All My Children alum actually even once publicly addressed she didn't appreciate Kent enough for sharing her daughters' pictures on her Instagram.

Ambyr didn't even hesitate to point out the fact that Kent got engaged to Emmett just two weeks after their divorce was finalized. But, moving fast forward to 2020, things have improved between Ambyr, Lala, and Randall.

Lala shared on podcast admitting that she had a rocky relationship with Ambyr at the beginning. And, speaking of their relationship, now, the reality star calls it a Christmas miracle.

Ambyr Childers alongside daughters, London and Rylee Emmett. SOURCE: Ambyr Childers Instagram

Emmett who often makes his appearance on the Vanderpump Rules has also commented that his current partner has developed a close relationship with his kids and that they're a happy family. Emmett and Lala planned to tie the knot in April 2020.

And, whilst her ex-husband found love, what's the case with Ambyr? Did she ever move on?

Ambyr Is Happily Engaged To Boyfriend Jeff Tinsley

As they say rainbow comes after a hurricane, Ambyr's happy days were meant to come for her too. The only thing stopping her though was that she didn't walk away from the relationship where she wasn't happy at all.

Ambyr Childers has been engaged to boyfriend turned fiance Jeff Tinsley since 2019. SOURCE: Ambyr Childers Instagram

Then came Jeff Tinsley into Ambyr's life with whom the actress has actually been engaged since 2019. Sharing the happy news on Instagram herself, Ambyr posted a snap that properly showcased her diamond engagement ring.

"I said Yes", simply said Ambyr in the caption section. Not to mention, Ambyr looked extremely beautiful too with a million-dollar smile plastered on her face. And, may that smile never fade away from her face.

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