Home Article Republican Senator John McCain, diagnosed with brain cancer: See what his Daughter Meghan have to say about her Father

Republican Senator John McCain, diagnosed with brain cancer: See what his Daughter Meghan have to say about her Father

Updated On 20 Jul, 2017 Published On 20 Jul, 2017
Republican Senator John McCain, diagnosed with brain cancer: See what his Daughter Meghan have to say about her Father

Republican Senator John McCain, diagnosed with brain cancer: See what his Daughter Meghan have to say about her Father

John Sidney McCain, the Senior U.S. Senator from Arizona has recently been diagnosed with a type of brain tumor, primary glioblastoma.

The news broke into the media a few hours ago as reported by the doctors of Mayo Clinic who told the news media speaking exclusively to the Chief Medical Correspondent of CNN, Dr. Sanjay Gupta.

And his daughter, co-host of Fox News, Meghan McCain shared a beautiful message for her father who's now in the phase of recovery.

Sen. John McCain diagnosed with brain cancer, His daughter Meghan McCain puts up a strong face with the news          

The news about Sen. John McCain cancer came as shock to everyone in the news fraternity.

On Friday, 14th July, Mayo Clinic doctors confirmed from the lab results that the 80-year-old has glioblastoma associated with the blood clot.

Sen. John McCain was diagnosed with brain cancer, Source: Common Dreams

According to American Brain Tumor Association, Glioblastoma also medically termed as Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM) is an aggressive type of brain cancer that forms in the tissue of spinal cord and brain.

After the diagnosis, the Senator immediately went for the surgery to cut off the blood clot in his brain. The surgery operated was an invasive craniotomy with an eyebrow incision that took about four hours to successfully complete. 

John's reps told that McCain that the surgery went without any complication and McCain is recovering "amazingly well."

Barack Obama with Senator John McCain, Source: Atlanta Black Star

The tumor is similar to the one that former Senator Ted Kennedy who died on August 25, 2009.

All the notable political personalities including President Donald Trump, former President Barack Obama. Hillary Clinton, Senator Marco Rubio, Governor John Kasich Chris Murphy, Bob Casey and much more tweeted for the health and better of John McCain.

Her daughter Meghan McCain also posted a strong yet sweet message for her father supporting his confidence and strengths. She wrote,

“He is the toughest person I know. The cruelest enemy could not break him. The aggressions of political life could not bend him,”

John McCain happily married to his second wife Cindy Hensley, shares seven children together

John was married to the love of his life Carol Shepp back in 1965. The pair were happily married for fifteen long years until in 1980 when they decided to get divorced.

John McCain with his first wife Carol on their wedding day, Source: Salem-News

The estranged pair had adopted two sons, Douglas McCain and Andrew McCain and later gave birth to their daughter Sidney.

Douglas works as a pilot for American Airlines and Andrew is the executive at the family beer distribution company named Hensley & Co.

After the divorce, McCain started dating Cindy Lou Hensley since 1979. Sources report that McCain started an affair with Cindy which became the major reason behind Carol John's divorce.

John McCain with his second wife Cindy, Source: Daily Mail

They got divorced and after that, he married Cindy on May 17, 1980, with Senators William Cohen and Gary Hart as groomsmen.

The pair gave birth to three children Meghan, Jack, and Jimmy and later adopted a daughter, Bridget.

Senator John McCain and his wife, Cindy, in a 1999 family photograph with, from left, Meghan, Bridget, Jimmy and Jack, Source: NY Times

And now, the happy family of nine lives together in their grand house in Phoenix worth $2 million dollars and also have Southwestern-Style Residence in Arizona worth $1 million dollars.

 Quick facts about John McCain

  • Born and raised in Coco Solo, Panama Canal Zone, U.S. John McCain is the Senior U.S. Senator from Arizona.
  • He was the Republican nominee in the 2008 Presidential Election.
  • Graduated from Naval Academy and served as a naval aviator, serving for Vietnam War in 1967.
  • He was once shot and got seriously injured as he was captured by North Vietnamese.
  • He was held a prisoner for almost five years and was severely tortured and injured.
  • After retiring from Navy he joined politics and was elected as U.S. House of Representatives in 1982.
  • He also ran for the Republican nomination in 2000 but lost to George W. Bush.
  • He has an estimated net worth of $100 million. He has $1.0 million property in real estate, has more than $4 million dollars in houses, 7.4 million family companies and more than $24.6 million miscellaneous trusts.
  • McCain's net worth is about 40 times higher than Obama's.

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