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Seamus Dillane; Is The Son Of Stephen Dillane Married & Gay?

Updated On 18 Dec, 2023 Published On 19 Jan, 2020
Seamus Dillane; Is The Son Of Stephen Dillane Married & Gay?

Clearly, Seamus Dillane is not an open book. But also, if there's anyone who enjoys making their personal life look confusing as heck, then who could be better at playing the game than Seamus himself?

Also, keeping in mind the circulating rumors that Seamus Dillane is gay, could he be for real? Here's everything you need to know.

Seamus Dillane's Love Life At A Glimpse

Better known as one of the sons of Stephen Dillane who portrayed Stannis Baratheon in Game of Thrones, the young and handsome Seamus might not be as famous as his father or his elder brother, Frank Dillane, who performed as Tom Riddle in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Seamus Dillane is the younger brother of Frank Dillane. SOURCE: Mariah Juneb Twitter

But, the fame and gain of his family were enough for Seamus to give him attention from the fans of his family. His mother, Naomi Wirthner, also happens to be involved in the same field and works in theatre production, essentially.

Speaking of which, the alum of Michael Hall School also followed the footsteps of his mother and performed in theatrical plays whilst he seldom made his appearance for onscreen roles. The last time he made a prominent part was when he had a minor role of performing a walk-on role in season 2 of Fear the Walking Dead

Needless to say, that was also enough for Seamus to give Seamus, a theatre actor on his right, enough love, and recognition from his growing fanbase. Speaking of his relationship, Seamus, however, prefers to remain super protective and private. But, other rumors also claim he is married and gay. Say what?

Is Stephen Dillane's Son Seamus Married?

In one of his old Facebook posts, the picture shared by the long-haired beauty showcased the man himself alongside a sign that read 'Just Married.' What's even more astounding is the fact that both Seamus and his partner, a guy, looking dapper in formal wear has their hands grabbing each other's butt.

Not to mention, Seamus even has his relationship status as 'married on Facebook. But, clearly, Seamus isn't married, not yet. Because he only turned 21 in April 2019, he wouldn't take such a big step into his life, so early. Or would he? 

And even if he was a married man, his family members would have surely mentioned it on social media. But, as we already stated, because of his extremely secretive nature since he even has his Instagram account on private mode, everything rarely makes sense.

Check out the clip of Seamus Dillane!

Evidently, Seamus is fooling around and might want the media and his fans pressed. To this day, he has not opened up about his relationship status. And, whatever remains the truth, surely Seamus would clarify and open up about everything himself soon, hopefully. 

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