Home Article Is The Fifty Shades of Grey Actress Eloise Mumford Dating? Does She Have a Husband?

Is The Fifty Shades of Grey Actress Eloise Mumford Dating? Does She Have a Husband?

Updated On 05 Oct, 2023 Published On 30 Jan, 2020
Is The Fifty Shades of Grey Actress Eloise Mumford Dating? Does She Have a Husband?

The blonde beauty that is Eloise Mumford might like to keep her information on her man under the radar, but we know for a fact that the actress has been hitched to the love of her life for a whopping ten years.

Believe it or not, but actress Eloise Mumford who is precisely prominent for her role as Katherine "Kate" Kavanagh in 50 Shades of Grey starring Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan and the films' sequels, has been dating her long-term partner for ten years today, as of 2023.

Is Fifty Shades Darker Star Eloise Mumford Married? Who's Her Husband?

Eloise Mumford, the Fifty Shades Darker, hasn't yet married the love of her life even after dating for ten years. The Olympia, Washington-born actress is yet to walk down the aisle. 

Elois Mumford kindling romance with her beau.
SOURCE: Instagram

As The River star is quite committed to a romantic relationship with her partner, she regularly posts beautiful pictures of the two on her socials.

Eloise and her beau are waiting for the right time to tie the knot. On June 4, 2019, the actress shared a snap of her friends "Tomelis and Moppy Oppen Heimer" wedding along with a caption, "I mean, c' on, just going to stare at this all; until the other wedding photos come back!".

Walking into her socials, it is known that her lover is from Welsh and his name begins with "T." He is also an actor and allegedly works in theatre. Eloise and her darling have been united as life partners for eight months.

Eloise Mumford Dated her boyfriend for more than ten years!!

Indeed, Miss Mumford doesn't like the attention of the public and the spotlight over her love life, but that doesn't mean that the Lone Star cast doesn't ever want her fans to get a little glimpse of it through social media.

50 Shades of Grey actress Eloise Mumford and her long-term boyfriend.
SOURCE: Instagram

Speaking of which, Eloise often shares adorable and lovey-dovey pictures with her significant other on her Instagram. Sadly, although the Washinton-born and raised one posted her man several times years ago on her Instagram page, the identity of her man is still a mystery. (Like well played, Eloise)

But, at least it's a great thing that Mumford has found the true love of her life, someone she can do everything of her hobbies like traveling, hiking, marathons, and other adventures. And did we mention that Eloise and her man have been in love for the past ten years?

Mumford & Her Boyfriend; Dating Since 2009

In 2015, during the release and premiere of the $571 million-grossing film Fifty Shades of Grey, Eloise was the one to reveal the important information to an interviewer that she has been romantically involved with her partner for five years.

Eloise Mumford and her partner have been dating for ten years.
SOURCE: Instagram

Eloise even claimed in the same interview that she was taking her man to see the then-newly released movie while urging the fans to do the same, too, to promote the film.

See the video of Eloise Mumford gushing over the film and speaking of her five-year relationship.

At this point, hopefully, the In The Blood actress will at least inform her fans of the good news, i.e., if she and her beau ever welcome a baby or expand family members in their foreseeable future.

Update 2023: The Chicago Fire Star is Single!?

Currently, Eloise Mumford is embracing the joy of a single life and isn't romantically involved with anyone. She finds happiness in the company of her friends, spending quality time with them during her leisure moments. Rather than being in a relationship, she focuses on cultivating meaningful connections with those dear to her heart. Eloise appears content and fulfilled, relishing the freedom and companionship her friendships bring. If she finds the right person, Eloise may get married and settle down with her husband but it does not seem anytime soon!

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