Home Article Untold Truth Of Rudy Durand;He Is Often Seen Golfing With Celebs Like Jack Nicholson

Untold Truth Of Rudy Durand;He Is Often Seen Golfing With Celebs Like Jack Nicholson

Updated On 09 Mar, 2021 Published On 29 Jan, 2020
Untold Truth Of Rudy Durand;He Is Often Seen Golfing With Celebs Like Jack Nicholson

The name Rudy Durand is often heard now and then. But, what does one know about this specifically private man? Sure, Rudy Durand might sound like an ordinary person, but if you only knew the intriguing facts about him.

Well, Mr. Rudy Durand is highly known as a Hollywood film director and producer. Possibly, in his late seventies or eighties, the mysterious guys whose hair has turned grey and flaunts wrinkled skin, Durand is the man for his hands behind projects such as Tilt, Cactus in the Show, Hot Feet and Gemini Affair.

Rudy Durand Directed & Produced His Own Film

The comedy-drama film, Tilt starring actors such as John Crawford, Brooke Shields and Charles Durning which was released in 1979, was one of the beloved projects that had an enormous dedication and hard work put by Durand himself. As a matter of fact, then-young and energetic Mr. Durand even worked as a writer, director, sound provider, and producer for the film.

Rudy Durand produced, wrote and directed the film Tilt, himself. SOURCE: All Movie

Unfortunately, the film couldn't meet the standard and the taste of the audience. Evidently, Tilt failed to do great with its box office numbers and flopped. And, to compensate for the loss he endured with the film, Durand then sold DVD version of Tilt which helped him recover some of the financial loss.

And, before Tilt, the owner of Koala Productions Pvt. Ltd., Rudy even worked as an actor for the film Gemini Affair, which was released in 1975. The film is rated 5.3 out of 10 on IMDb.

Connected With Big Names In Hollywood

Nicknamed as Hollywood Dealmaker among his near and dear ones, it comes as no secret that Durand has links with several celebrities in Hollywood. As a matter of fact, he is often seen golfing with veteran actor, Jack Nicholson. Not to mention again, he is even linked with powerful men such as the former US President, Bill Clinton.

Besides, he is also friends with Dick Tracy actor Warren Beatty and American Beauty actress, Annette Bening. Speaking of which, it comes as no surprise that Durrand, who never had any legal training and law degree won a lawsuit case against Warner Brothers.

Rudy, in fact, fought for the case himself against high-qualified lawyers who were paid $500 per only an hour, at the time. Represented himself for the case, the man even further took the case he won to the Supreme Court.

Rudy Durand as seen with actor Jack Nicholson and a friend, Michael Koulianos. SOURCE: Michael Koulianos Twitter

Meanwhile, speaking more of Durand's personal life, very fewer details are disclosed to the public. Needless to say, Rudy Durand is keenly a private person and keeps his personal business off the public and media.

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