Home Article Vanna White is currently dating John Donaldson after breaking up with Micheal Kaye. Are they getting married?

Vanna White is currently dating John Donaldson after breaking up with Micheal Kaye. Are they getting married?

Updated On 14 Mar, 2019 Published On 30 Nov, 2016
Vanna White is currently dating John Donaldson after breaking up with Micheal Kaye. Are they getting married?

American TV personality and actress Vanna White is best known as the hostess of Wheel of Fortune Since 1982. Throughout her Life, she has faced a number of tragedies and events of misfortune including the death of her Fiancé, unsuccessful relationships, Broken Engagement and a Divorce but being the strong woman she has always found ways to deal with her problems and emerge as an even stronger woman.

Most of the time she remains in the spotlight of Media with her profession and relationship Life. As we know, she was engaged with Michael Kaye in 2002. But are they still together? Let’s find out. 

Vanna White and Michael Kaye were engaged.

In 2004, Vanna announced on her show ’Wheel of Fortune’ that she was engaged to Michael Kaye, a man who is a businessman from California.

She even claimed that Michael was different from her all other ex-Boyfriend and husband, which was exactly what Vanna needed. He was low-key and a bit of a homebody, similar to her.

However, it was a moment of shock when Vanna broke off their engagement, little more than a year after the announcement. There was no proper reason behind their Separation. 

Vanna White’s Current Relationship

Currently, Vanna White is in a relationship with John Donaldson, a contractor. once again she found happiness in her Life.

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They first met in 2012 and started dating. Maybe everything is turning around for better. The Couple is planning to get married this year. John proposes her for marriage and she accepted the Proposal.

Vanna White’s married Life & Divorce

Vanna was married to restaurateur George Santo Pietro in 1990. The Couple has also been blessed with two children: A Son, Niko Santo Pietro and a daughter, Gigi Santo Pietro. Her marriage with Pietro was very much strong.  Unfortunately marriage came to an end still remains very unsettling.

Her marriage with Pietro was very much strong.  Unfortunately, their relationship came to an end.

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The pair almost stayed together for almost more than a decade, even during the painful breakdown Vanna went through.

The duo got a divorce in November 2002. Though they got separated they are still in touch for the sake of their children.

Tragedy of her Life

Once she dated an actor John Gibson and they eventually got engaged everything was so perfect for them but in 1986, her fiancé, an actor who appeared the movies like 'The Young and the Restless' and 'One Life to live' tragically passed away in a small-plane accident at age 37.

Despite such tragic incident she somehow managed to move on.

Vanna White’s career

The 59-Year-old has been active in the television industry since 1980. Her first appearance in the game show was on the episode of The Price Is Right, where she appears as one of the contestants of the show but she did not make it onstage. 

In October 1982, when hostess Susan Stafford quit the show ‘Wheel of Fortune’, she was chosen in her Place to co-host the show and later, she was announced as the regular hostess. 

After the syndicated version was released, she got into the top of this show at the end of the year 1983.

Besides that she has also lent her voice to the Canadian animated television show, 'The Real Story of Twinkle', 'Twinkle Little Star' and for American animated television series: 'Captain Planet' and the 'Planeteers'.

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