Reno Wilson has to remain fit and healthy as his wife, a certified Yoga instructor, is quite strict when it comes to taking care of her husband's health.

The comedian doesn't talk much about his personal life in the public. Well, today we'll be stating all the fact regarding his personal life in this topic, so stay tuned and enjoy.

Reno Wilson-Blissful Marriage life with Wife

He became famous all across the world due to his sheer hard work and will power. His African-American ancestry helped him to make a name for his himself in the field of acting. 

Reno attending CW, CBS And Showtime 2012 Summer TCA Party, Source: Zimbio

His wife of many years, Coco Fausone-Wilson, is also one of the most contributing factors that helped Reno became a famous celeb that he is today. Though the exact date of their marriage is a secret, we can say they are together for a long time.

The duo shares a very good bond with one another. We have all heard the saying, The Couple who runs together stays together.

Such is the case of Reno and his wife. The pair is usually running around 28 miles per week together and they often do rigorous gym workout as well.

Looks like the pair wants to become an example of the most fittest Hollywood couple. His wife has also taught him spinning, the same type of exercise he used in the series, 'Mike & Molly.'

Reno Wilson-Shares Two Children between them

Reno is also a proud father of two children. Upon reading all this information about his personal life many of you might be thinking that the guy hid a lot of secrets.

Reno shares two children with his wife, Source: Pinterest

He shares two children, one girl, and one boy, with his wife. His children is quite lucky to have Reno as their father. The comedian is yet to disclose the identity of his children. 

Sometimes we do wonder why is he keeping such a low profile. Maybe the reason was due to his onw choice of not mixing his personal life with professional life. 

Quick facts about Reno Wilson


  • Born on January 20, 1969 (age 48), in Brooklyn, New York.
  • He belongs to the African-American ethinicity.
  • He attended a local high school in Brooklyn.
  • He made his debut in 1998 movie, Fallen.
  • He is famous for his role in Mike & Molly as the role of Officer Carl McMillan.
  • He became famous after playing in the Transformer.

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