Home Article WGN-TV Meteorologist Tom Skilling is still not Married? Is he Dating someone?

WGN-TV Meteorologist Tom Skilling is still not Married? Is he Dating someone?

Updated On 12 Jul, 2023 Published On 13 Jun, 2017
WGN-TV Meteorologist Tom Skilling is still not Married? Is he Dating someone?

WGN-TV Meteorologist Tom Skilling is in his seventies and still an unmarried guy. He has an amazing career but his personal life is relatively dull compared to his career.

Tom Skilling is a chief meteorologist on WGN-TV and is often rumored to be the best-paid local broadcast meteorologist in the United States.

He has an impressive career on television and dedicated 39 long years in the same field. Though Tom is an experienced guy in weather prediction, he's failed to predict and certain his personal life.

The 65-year-old star has not commenced his married life yet. Let's know the family life and current relationship status of Tom in brief.          

WGN-TV star Tom Killing; his Details at Present

Tom has an amazing professional life but his personal life is not as perfect as his career. He is still not married and he also does not have any children.  

Tom is reportedly a single guy and is not dating anyone at present. Either he is hiding his affairs from the media or he is single with no records of past relationships as well.   

Tom Skilling at his workplace, Source: Chicago Tribune

Because he is not linked with a woman he was also rumored to be gay but the reporter has not revealed anything about his sexuality and we also cannot comment on this until he says something.  

Tom tries his best to maintain his image and stay away from any kind of rumors and controversies. He is focused on his career and there is no doubt that he is one of the best we have.

Here is an interview with Tom Skilling regarding his career takeoff: Enjoy Watching!!! 

So, has he decided to remain unmarried for the rest of his life or destiny has something else planned for him? Only time will tell!!!

Tom Skilling Lost 100 Pounds - Here's How He Lost Weight

The WGN-TV meteorologist shocked fans after he began losing weight and appear noticeably slimmer in 2020. And, in 2021, Tom Skilling officially announced he has lost almost 100 Ibs since he marked on his weight loss journey in 2020.

But, how did Skilling able to attain such a drastic weight loss transformation? Well, to achieve his weight loss goals, Jeffrey chose gastric bypass surgery, something he is grateful for. Not to mention, Skilling also managed to control his diabetes and cholesterol.

Skilling went from weighing 292 pounds to weighing 172 pounds since he started his journey. Congratulation!

Quick Facts about Jeffrey Skilling

  • Born on 20 February 1952 to the family of Betty Clarke and Thomas Ethelbert Skilling in Aurora, IL.
  • Is the elder son among four in the family.
  • Initiated his broadcasting career at the age of 14 at WKKD-AM and FM.
  • His younger brother Jeffrey Skilling was the former CEO of Enron Corporation.
  • Attended the West Aurora High School and later the University of Wisconsin-Madison studying meteorology and journalism.
  • Worked at WITI as a meteorologist for three years starting from 1975.
  • Commenced his career at WGN-TV Channel 9 in the year 1978.
  • Is the chief meteorologist at WGN and is thought to be the highest-paid among local broadcast meteorologists.
  • Tom and his colleague on WGN were consulted for the movie The Weather Man. Nicolas Cage, Michael Caine, Hope Davis, Nicolas Hoult, Michael Rispoli, and Gil Bellows are the distinct characters of the hit movie.
  • Is a member of the American Meteorological Society and National Weather Association.
  • Hosts the annual tornado and several weather seminars at the Fermi National Accelerator Lab in Batavia, Illinois.
  • Received an Honorary Doctorate of Humanities from Lewis University in January 1995.

Well, all in all, we would like to wish him all the very best for his professional as well as personal well-being.

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