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Where On Earth Is Michael Bendetti? Fans Miss The 21 Jump Street Actor

Published On 21 Jan, 2020
Where On Earth Is Michael Bendetti? Fans Miss The 21 Jump Street Actor

Michael Bendetti won thousands of hearts by his performance as Officer Anthony 'Mac' McCann in the late eighties hit sitcom, 21 Jump Street. A couple of decades later, Bendetti, however, in a blink of an eye, decided to disappear from the public eyes.

The public last enjoyed Michael Bendetti in the TV Movie, Amanda and the Alien, where he played the beloved character of Charles Nobles. But, of course, Bendetti still highly remains notable for his performance in the Johnny Depp, Amber Heard and Lori Anne Allison starring show. And, since he went MIA, fans can't help but wonder about his current whereabouts.

Michael Bendetti; Actor Turned Into A Businessman

By the glimpse of it all, the Long Beach born former actor had enough with Hollywood life and turned his life around in a different direction as he seemingly wanted to hide away and live an extremely private life. The last time, Bendetti was involved in the acting field, however, was as a producer for the romantic comedy tv film, Between the Sheets.

Michael Bendetti is best known for his work in 21 Jump Street. SOURCE: Alchetron

The project was a return of Bendetti from taking a break of more than seven years, only to disappear once again. But, as revealed by the LA Times, Michael invested himself in the newfound venture by launching his own business. As a matter of fact, Bendetti runs a business based on the sale and trade of trailers.

The trailers sold by Bendetti's company isn't like any normal other trailers available in the market. The television actor must have learned the importance of trailers whilst working on sets and wanted to modify and reinvent new ones with much better facilities.

Speaking of which, Bendetti's trailers come in the size of covering 800 squares feet and features facilities such as the Italian tiled bathroom, satellite TV, installed bright recessed lighting, loudspeaker, full-service bedroom, wood cabinets, and high-quality carpets.

Michael Bendetti last appeared in Amanda and the Alien. SOURCE: Pinterest

Not to mention, Bendetti's trailers have been used by several top-notch filmmakers in Hollywood. The founder of Bendetti Mobile claims his family who has been in the business for years, including his cousins knows the best kind of trailers to produce in the market. Only in 2002, his trailers were available to be rented for $3500 per week.

Did Bendetti Settle Down With Anyone?

In consideration that Michael quit acting to live a normal life, knowledge on his personal life is a struggle to discover. Bendetti has been romantically linked with other women in the past, but the information on the affairs was hardly ever disclosed and verified.

Additionally, Bendetti being gay rumors also circulated since his love life were kept closer t his vest. The actor, however, is yet to speak a word on the speculation. Either way, keeping in mind the fact that Bendetti chooses to live a lowkey life, it's only a matter of time before he decides to act again.

And, when he finally makes such a decision, we will definitely let out readers know the exciting news.

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