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Who Is Sally Cecilia's Partner? Know If She Is Married Or Dating Someone

Updated On 05 Jun, 2019 Published On 14 Nov, 2018
Who Is Sally Cecilia's Partner? Know If She Is Married Or Dating Someone

When you are one of the best and always coming in the limelight for outstanding roles in movies, you are bound to be pursued and talked about. Sally Hawkins is a well-known name in the show business. Starring in movies directed by the industry's established directors, namely Woody Allen and Mike Leigh, she is one of the most sought-out actresses as of 2018.

Although accounts of her professional life are scattered all over the internet, the same is not true when it comes to the Happy-Go-Lucky actress' dating and personal life. Is Sally Hawkins dating anybody? Are the rumors of her affairs substantial in any way? These are the questions her fans are getting increasingly curious about. Let's find out about it.

Sally Hawkins Has A Secret Romantic Life?

Despite being in the limelight for her performances on stage as well as the big screen for over 20 years, in critically acclaimed movies such as The Shape of Water (2017), public knowledge of her personal life still seems to be in the dark. The Happy-Go-Lucky actress prefers to keep her romantic affairs, if she has any, to herself.

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As of November 2018, publicly available records show that Sally, 42, is unmarried, so her having a husband is out of the question. Furthermore, Sally apparently also not have a boyfriend, none that we know of.

Was Sally Hawkins Rumored to Marry James Corden?

It was rumored that she was close to actor and comedian James Corden and that marriage was possible between the two. Hawkins made a pact with Corden that if the two remain unmarried by the age of 35, they'd marry each other.

However, things completely changed when Corden married Julia Carey in 2012, with whom he had a third a child in December last year.

Corden once commented that his marriage with Hawkins would be possible "in an ideal world", mentioning that it was a deal the two made in the past, which was that they would marry each other if they both single at 35.

Sally Hawkins, Gillian Anderson and James Corden

Sally Hawkins (left) with James Corden (middle).
Source: PBS

Although starting as an actress in stage and theatre productions, notably in plays like Romeo and Juliet, Much Ado About Nothing, A Midsummer Night's Dream and The Cherry Orchard, just to name a few, Sally has also solidified her position as a screen actress.

She got her first major break in Mike Leigh's All or Nothing (2002), playing the character Samantha in the film. 

Sally Hawkins: Quick Facts

Sally Hawkins

  • Born on 27 April 1976 in Dulwich, London.
  • Started her career as a stage actress in William Shakespeare's plays.
  • Frequently collaborates with writer and film director Mike Leigh.
  • Nominated Academy Award for Best Actress for The Shape of Water (2017).

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