Home Article Winner of "The Amazing Race" Florinka Pesenti is happily living with her Boyfriend. See the couple's Married Life and Family

Winner of "The Amazing Race" Florinka Pesenti is happily living with her Boyfriend. See the couple's Married Life and Family

Updated On 01 Jun, 2022 Published On 25 Sep, 2017
Winner of

Florinka Pesenti is not obviously a married woman but she is a mother of an adorable baby daughter named Everett Floyd Abrams. She is a happy mother and a perfect soulmate to her boyfriend, Dan Abrams.

Further, she participated in The Amazing Race 3 with Zach Behr in the year 2002 and won the show with all of her hard work and efforts. Let's know more about this gorgeous beauty in today's section.

Florinka Pesenti: Her Amazing Relationship with Boyfriend Dan Abrams

Florinka Pesenti, the official winner of The Amazing Race 3 with partner Zachary Golden 'Zach' Behr is living a happy family life with her boyfriend Dan Abrams.

Flo and Dan encountered each other in 2009 for the first time at a party to celebrate The Hunger a memoir by John DeLucie; a mutual friend. Eventually, the couple dated and lived together since then.

Florinka Pesenti and Dan Abrams spending a quality moment

Dan is ABC's chief legal analyst, anchor, an actor has an attractive net worth of about $23 million as of 2017. Besides being an accomplished anchor on ABC, he also works in partnership with his brother from another mother, Dave Zinczenko.

Well, one question triggering everyone's mind at present is; 'When is the couple about to get married?'

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It's all about formalities but let's wait for the best in the following days.

The Arrival Of An Adorable Baby

It's been a very long time and the duo has not yet married. But we have good news for you guys!

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They have a son, Everett Floyd Abrams who was born in 2012. Dan was allegedly very happy when he announced the news in public in January 2012.

Perfect family portrayal

He said,

"Florinka and I are really excited about this. I have been looking forward to having a child for many years."

Dan, his girlfriend Florinka and baby boy Everett were last spotted walking on the streets of Manhattan in July 2015.

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#TBT winter stroll with my main man #Everett

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They looked so lovely; a perfect family frame.

It seems that the couple is maintaining their life the best way they can.

Florinka Pesenti: Quick Facts 

Source: Getty Images
  • Born on 17 January 1979 in the United States.
  • Birth sign Capricorn.
  • Is best known with her nickname Flo.
  • Currently resides in New York City, New York.
  • Recently working as the director of public relations for Gucci.
  • Zach Behr, her partner in The Amazing Race 3 is the product assistant for the very company.

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