Home Article WWE Alum Brodus Clay aka Tyrus Credits Girlfriend Ingrid Rinck On 125 Ibs Weight Loss

WWE Alum Brodus Clay aka Tyrus Credits Girlfriend Ingrid Rinck On 125 Ibs Weight Loss

Updated On 27 Feb, 2020 Published On 27 Feb, 2020
WWE Alum Brodus Clay aka Tyrus Credits Girlfriend Ingrid Rinck On 125 Ibs Weight Loss

George Murdoch is a giant. Wrestling fans have seen him slam down his opponents even bigger than him. And at one point, speaking the weight of Murdoch who is also known for his stage name as Tyrus and Brodus Clay, he almost weighed 500 pounds.

But, today, Tyrus is more than 100 pounds lighter. Thanks to his longtime girlfriend, Ingrid Rinck who helped him lose more than 125 pounds. So, curious to know how did Rinck help her boyfriend with weight loss?

Secrets To Tyrus's 125 Ibs Weight Loss

Ingrid Rinck who shares a daughter with Tyrus is the secret, but you already know it. Rinck is one lucky dude, despite being an alleged sexual harasser as his Fox News co-host Britt McHenry accused him of sexually harassing her, Ingrid has been still sticking by his side throughout the years.

Former WWE wrestler Brodus Clay alongside his girlfriend Ingrid Rinck and their daughter, Georgie Murdoch. SOURCE: Pinterest

And, Rinck, she is the founder and CEO of Sensible Meals, a food and diet program company that provides quality, fresh, calorie-controlled and nutritious planned food prepared by chefs that helps its customers with weight loss and staying fit. And, it is indeed the same food program from the Sensible Meals that helped Tyrus with his weight loss achievement.

As a matter of fact, Sensible Meals is the number one food program in the country dethroning multinational companies such as Weight Watcher. Speaking more, some of the Sensible Meals' basic meals include breakfast, lunch, and dinners per five days a week which only costs $80 a week.

Tyrus lost 125 Ibs with the help of Sensible Meals. SOURCE: Pinterest

Tyrus who claims he is a powerlifter was only a biscuit away from reaching 500 pounds. Even though Tyrus was a gym pro, he would eat away his training which caused the weight gain. Needless to say, with his dependency on the program, the dramatic result was there. He has been reported to have weighed 375 Ibs.

More About Sensible Meals

Rinck began the Louisiana based food program company in 2014 with only $50 in her bank balance. She was also at the lowest point of her life. Rinck who shares two more sons with her former partner had only split from him and was struggling with a custody battle at the time.

Brodus Clay who stands at a height of 6 feet 7 inches now weighs 375 Ibs. SOURCE: Pinterest

But, the businesswoman wanted to give her kids an easy life and decided to pursue the journey despite the circumstances. It still wasn't easy for Rinck without the support of her boyfriend who didn't like the idea in the beginning.

Additionally, it was the diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes of her son that inspired and motivated Ingrid to start Sensible Meals. However, Rinck is a college dropout with no knowledge in the respective field and anyone would think to manage a business in the respective sector was out of her reach.

But, it was her experience of twenty years of working with a trainer that helped her a lot on the venture. And, not only did Tyrus lose weight, Rinck who as well as was 100 Ibs overweight also enjoyed her weight loss.

What is even greater about Sensible Meals is the fact that it has more than 1200 employees, out of which 98% are women, whilst 95% are mothers whilst 75% are single mothers. Sensible Meals is reportedly worth eight-figures.

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