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Kamala Harris Polls Takes a Huge Hit After the Second Debate

Updated On 11 Sep, 2019 Published On 09 Aug, 2019
Kamala Harris Polls Takes a Huge Hit After the Second Debate

Kamala Harris loses quite a few points in the second debate, which is the greatest hit of any candidate.

United States senator, Kamala Harris was hit by a great point loss after the second debate.

  • Kamala Harris lost the highest point out of everyone.
  • She lost 2.8 points after the second debate.
  • She serves as a junior United States Senator from California.
  • Joe Biden had the second-worst point decline.
  • Harris currently stands in fourth place.

Point lost for the United States Senator!

The second round of debate had quite a shift in points for each member including Kamala Harris, who was hit by a maximum point loss. Happily married 54-years-old, Harris lost 2.8 percentage points from the round, which is most than any others.

Kamala Harris is married to Dough Emhoff.
SOURCE: The Hill

Followed by Joe Biden, who lost 1.9 points. However, he still leads the chart with quite a good margin. The second debate had Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren gain the highest points, 1.8 and 1.6 respectively.

Biden enjoys a comfortable lead with 28.4 percent, followed by Sanders' 17.1 percent. Furthermore, Douglas Emhoff's wife, Harris falls down to a fourth-place with just 7.9 points. Check out the Twitter post which shows the chart!

The political drama continues as there is quite a number of rounds left. Besides, the first round was quite interesting with Harris getting quite good looking points. Moreover, she debated on the issue of racial abuse with the confrontation with Biden.

US Senator, Kamala Harris.
SOURCE: Business Insider

Well, it looks pretty obvious, Harris doesn't have much competition below her. The closest rival to her is Pete Buttigieg as per the FiveThirtyEight. Furthermore, Pete is just six percentage behind her.

Happily married to Douglas Emhoff, Harris got herself in the single digits all five debates. The numbers don't look good for Kamala but still, she's considered one of the high profile candidates for the 2020 Presidential campaign.

Have a look at the highlight of the second night of debate!

The presidential campaign for 2020 looks interesting with Harris being on up top alongside a few tipped to win candidates. Well, with still quite a lot of time to go and a few debates to be played out, it is going to be an exciting year for the United States.

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