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Kate Hudson and Boyfriend Danny Fujikawa rumors of Engagement. Know about their Relationship.

Updated On 04 Aug, 2017 Published On 04 Aug, 2017
 Kate Hudson and Boyfriend Danny Fujikawa rumors of  Engagement. Know about their Relationship.

Danny Fujikawa, a musician is currently in a relationship with her sexy actress girlfriend, Kate Hudson and are planning to get married soon.

The Golden Globe Award winning sizzling American actress, Kate Hudson is very lucky in terms of her professional life as she gained some amazing achievement in the acting field. However, she seems unlucky in terms of her personal life as she faced so many tragic relationships in the past which made her heart broken.

As of now, she is happy to be the girlfriend of, Danny Fujikawa who is the founder of Lightwave Records. The couple is soon to get married in coming future. So, to know more about Kate's present life and past affairs. Stay on our page.

Kate Hudson is planning to get engaged to her boyfriend, Danny Fujikawa

After a long tragic relationship, Kate is again spotted with her new musician boyfriend called, Danny Fujikawa. The couple started their relation in 2017. At first, they did not totally disclosed about their relationship to the media but were spotted many places.

But after months, they announced to be dating by appearing on the red carpet as a couple during the Hollywood premiere of Snatched and shared few kisses together over there. Both of them were looking stunning as Kate was wearing a black Michael Kors Collection blouse paired with a plunging neckline and printed pants whereas, Danny was in a navy blue suit and a tie.

Kate and Danny in the red carpet, Source: ETonline

Soon after announcing their relationship to the public, they started hanging out in different places along with her son, Bingham. The pair keeps on going on vacation to different places and moved-in together soon after dating for some time.

They even decided to take their relationship to the next level. Rumors are swirling that the pair is planning to get engaged and Kate even talked about their relation to her mom, Goldie Hawn and was happy together.

Kate and Danny with Kate's child, Source: Daily Mail

We wish this couple life time of happiness and togetherness and hope they get married soon and start a beautiful family.

Separated from Matthew Bellamy

An English musician, Matthew Bellamy was known as Matt was rumored to be dating with beautiful, Kate since a long time. But the couple might not be ready to reveal about it so took some time and finally announced in front of the media and audience in early 2010.

Dating for about a year, Matt proposed her in a romantic way in NYC and got engaged in 2011. This time also they did not announce it to the public. But after finding a giant engagement ring on the figure of Kate, the media went crazy about it and asked her on Wednesday's Today Show.

She stated,

'' I haven’t really announced it, I was waiting for someone to notice.''

Kate and Matt in a function, Source: Daily Mail

They were also rumored to get married soon after their engagement. But unfortunately, the couple announced to end their four years relationship on 9th December 2014. The reason behind their ending the engagement is that the relationship was not working.

Kate said,

''Relationships ending are painful, and you can choose to carry that or you can choose to reframe it. If Matt and I had a great relationship, we would still be together, but we chose to move on because we had different visions of how we wanted to live our lives.''

Matt and Kate separated, Source: Us Weekly

Despite the split, the pair is still under good terms.

The ex-couple has a child

Before ending their relationship, the ex-couple were expecting the baby in 2011 and spotted many places flaunting her baby bump. They were so excited to welcome their young one and were expecting a baby girl.

And finally, on 9th July 2011, Kate gave birth to a baby boy who was named, Bingham Hawn. After the separation of the pair, their son is living with his mom. But sometimes, the ex-pair came together only for the sake of their child.


Kate and Danny with their child, Source: Daily Mail
Mother and child relaxing.

Saturday Snuggles ??

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Relationship with Alex Rodriguez

How will you feel if your boyfriend keeps on talking to his ex? Definitely, you will feel jealous, angry and betrayed at the same time. The same thing goes to the actress, Kate who faced the similar situation after dating a Dominican-American former baseball player named, Alex Rodriguez who is also known as A-Rod.

They began their relationship since 2010 and broke up after certain months of their relationship. The ex-pair split up only because of A-Rod's behavior as he kept on talking to his ex-Madonna even after several warning from Kate. But he did not listen to her and as a result, they got separated.

Alex and Kate kissing, Source: Daily Mail

Alex is one of the popular guys in the Hollywood who was in a relationship with many famous celebrities including- Madonna, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, Ann Wojcicki, Ella Magers, Kyna Treacy, Demi Moore, Torrie Wilson so many others.

Kate's failed first marriage with Chris Robinson along a baby boy, Ryder

On 31st December 2000, Kate married to an American musician plus a member of the band, The Black Crowes named, Chris Robinson in Aspen, Colorado. The couple started living in a house which was once owned by the director, James Whales.

After four years of their marriage, they welcomed their first child named, Ryder Russell Robinson who was born on 7th January 2004.

A picture from Chris and Kate wedding, Source: Celebrity Bride Guide


Unluckily, due to some unrevealed reasons, they decided to be separated. When their child was only of 2 on 18th November 2007, they filed for their divorced and got separated officially on 22nd October 2007. The court gave the joint custody of the child.

However, in 2015, Chris filed a petition so that re-open the custody of their child. He wanted to have the full custody of the child. Whereas Kate was ordered to deposit $7500 for the evaluation costs. Today, both of them are moved on and were starting their own life with their family. 


Kate along with her children, Source: Celebrity Babies

 Enjoying holiday. Family time!!

However, Kate is close to both of her children from her previous relationships and spend her spare time with them as well.

Quick Facts of Kate Hudson

Kate in Bordeaux, Source: Us Weekly
  • Born on 19th April 1979 in Los Angeles, California as Kate Garry Hudson.
  • Raised by her parents Goldie Hawn, an Academy Award winning actress and Bill Hudson, an actor plus musician along with her brother, Oliver Hudson.
  • Her parents got divorced when she was only of 18 months.
  • After that, she and her brother were raised by her mother and her mother's long time boyfriend, Kurt Russell in Snowmass, Colorado.
  • Has another three siblings from her biological father's next marriage after her mother. Emily and Zachary Hudson from Cindy Williams and Lalania Hudson from Wyatt Russell.
  • Is an American and is of mixed descent.
  • Graduated from Crossroads in Santa Monica.
  • Was admitted to New York University but was ungraduated.
  • Debuted in the film industry from the two films including Desert Blue and Ricochet River.
  • Appeared in the 2000 teenage drama Gossip.
  • Won Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress after working in Cameron Crowe's movie, Almost Famous.
  • Featured in a romantic comedy movie named, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days earned $100 million at the box office.
  • Her movie, You, Me and Dupree with the cast Matt Dillon and Owen Wilson earned $21.5 million grossed amount.
  • Cast for the FOX teen comedy series, Glee in 2012.
  • Featured in the romantic comedy film, Mother's Day with stars, Julia Roberts, Mark Wahlberg, Jennifer Aniston and others.
  • Some of her movies and series included Desert Blue, 200 Cigarettes, Dr. T & the Women, Almost Famous, Party of Five, Running Wild with Bear Grylls and so many.
  • Kate published her own book called, Pretty Happy: Healthy Ways to Love Your Body in 2016.
  • Shaved her head for the role in the mysterious project by an Australian singer, Sia.
  • Has an estimated net worth of $38 million.
  • Has a mansion that worth $5.3 million.


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