There are many celebrities who rise to fame from social media with their work and experience but the one who comes to fame from makeup tutorials and videos are whole other thing. The same is with the social media star Loren Gray who is one of the well-known social media celebrity.

Well, she has appeared with some of the stars as well but is she dating anyone of them? Or this rise to fame made her more focused on her career? Well, Let's take a look at her life here today! Star Loren Gray Is Dating Someone

Well-know star Loren Gray Beech who gained over 25 million followers on is a model, actress, singer and a dancer as well.


Loren Gray has over 25 million followers on
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She has appeared with several of the fellow star on her videos but is she dating anyone of them?

After her tragic breakups with her ex-boyfriends, she is not willing to be in any relationships as for now. She dated a fellow star Joey Kisluk, a Youtuber as well who gained his popularity through social media.


Loren with her ex-boyfriend Joey
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They met in 2015 when she was 12 years and posted various photos and videos on their social media. The couple dated for about 1 year and eventually broke up in 2016.

She was ready to move on as she starting dating another Youtube and star Juwany Roman aka Flamingeos.


Loren with her ex-boyfriend Juwany
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However, the model seems to be busy with her life and focused on her career. Yes, the model seemed to be focused on her career and not getting into any romantic relationships for now and is living with her mother in Los Angeles.

Loren Gray' Career At Glance

Well, Loren first started to make makeup tutorial videos on Youtube in 2012 where she had millions of subscribers and had regular views. She joined Twitter in 2013 and YouNow and in 2014 and made millions of followers over her social media.


Loren Gray on Kid's Choice Awards
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Celebrities like Chris Brown, Drake, Ariana Grande and many others are attracted by her videos and has gone for tours with Tyler Brown, Blake Gray, and Nathan Triska.

She has also been nominated for People's Choice Awards, The Teen Choice Awards and the VMAs in 2016 and has been featured by Teen Vogue and Seventeen Magazine.

Quick Facts: Loren Gray


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  • She was born on April 19, 2002(age:16).
  • She was born in Pennsylvania.
  • Her birth sign is Aries.
  • Her mother and father got divorced.
  • She has a half-sister who is 8 years younger than her.
  • She used to wear braces.
  • She is of white ethnicity.
  • Her nationality is American.
  • She stands at the height of 5 ft 8 inches and weighs about 45 kgs.
  • Her net worth is estimated to be above $300,000.