Home Article After three divorces and several break-ups actor Idris Elba is not dating anyone: Know about his previous relationships

After three divorces and several break-ups actor Idris Elba is not dating anyone: Know about his previous relationships

Updated On 09 Mar, 2017 Published On 09 Mar, 2017
After three divorces and several break-ups actor Idris Elba is not dating anyone: Know about his previous relationships

Idris Elba is one of the finest actors to bless our stage. He has had a lot of relationships but he is not able to remain faithful in all the relationship he had. Is he dating right now or does he have a secret girlfriend? Find out more.

Idris Elba is one of the most hardworking actors around and his devotion towards his work makes him one of the most loved actors in the world. 

After wrapping up his work in the movie The Mountain Between Us with Kate Winslet last month, he has once again appeared in the shooting session working for his latest movie.

All the directors and producers want to cast him in their movies because of his remarkable acting but he believes in doing fewer movies and putting extra efforts in every movies he does. 

The main question that is now in the minds of his fans is that he is single or is he dating someone right now.

Well, MarriedWiki has brought you all the latest news that you want to know about this superb actor so dig right in.

Long List of marraiges                

Involved with several women in his past and due to his gorgeous looks it makes it all the more valid reasons to see his long list of girlfriends.   

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First Marriage

He was first married to Dormowa Sherman, an African actress whom he met in London during his struggle to become an actor. The couple got married in 1997. They have no children between them. 

Source: Rolling Out

But at that time he was struggling and was not able to earn even a daily bread and butter for his family and due to this, he lived homeless for some time. Once in an interview, he recalled his old days and said:

“I was going through a really tough time some years ago,” he told Britain’s Now magazine. “I couldn’t get an acting job and my marriage was in a horrible place, so I ended up homeless. I slept rough in my brown Chevrolet Astro van for eight weeks.”

So because of that reason, he had to let his wife go and they divorced one another after one year of marriage.

Second Marriage

After suffering a heartbreak from his first divorce, he started dating Henne Norgaard aka Kim Elba, in 1998. They got married in 1998 in a small ceremony. In 2001, Henne got pregnant with their first daughter.

Source: The Sun

The couple moved to the United States together just so Idris can focus on his dream.

In the same year, Idris left his pregnant wife due to some problems in his career and because she was not able to adjust to New York lifestyle. They got divorced in 2001.

As fate would have it when his daughter Ishan was born in 2002, he got in his first movie named The Wire. He really enjoyed success soon after the birth of his daughter.

Source: Daily Mail

But he shocked the world after this marriage when he took a big decision. I know you may guess that it must something related to his career but it's not what it looks like.

Secret Marriage

In 2016, in a surprise revelation from an unknown woman named Sonya Hamlin. She claimed that she got married to Idris secretly in 2006. It was a very shocking news for all of his fans.

Source: News

Sonya Hamlin is an American property lawyer based in New York city. She also revealed that they were first introduced to one another by a mutual friend and then Idris wanted to marry her.

They got married in 2006 after dating for some time but their marriage was not long lasting as they divorced after few weeks into their marriage and the reason was very devastating for Sonya.

Source: The Jasmine Brand

She said that Idris was really worried about his career as people were telling him that being a married man would certainly ruin his career.

Many of his friends said that he is the sex symbol of the Hollywood and he should keep it that way by remaining single.

After giving divorce to her with a very absurd reason many people were criticizing him and he had to take a lot of backlash from many people.

Relationship with a Stripper

During his single days, Idris used to visit many strip clubs and bars. When Idris was in Magic City, Atlanta, he met Desiree Newberry who was the stripper at one of the clubs that he visited.

Source: Hollywood Street king

She quickly caught the attention of Idris and they started dating soon afterward.

They moved in together in Idris's apartment in Miami, Florida. Soon after their relationship, Desiree got pregnant and the couple was very joyous about the news.

But this joyous moment will be very painful for him as there's a very bad news ahead of him. Scroll down below and you'll know what I am talking about.

Illegitimate Son

During their three years of relationship, the couple welcomed their first son named Otenga, who was born in 2010. Idris was very happy after the birth of his second child.

But after some times he started doubting if Otenga is his son. So to clear his doubt he undertook a paternity test. His doubts were right as the medical reports claimed that Otenga is not his legitimate son.

Source: Rolling Out

It was one of the shocking news at that time. We cannot imagine the pain and depression that Idris may have gone through after hearing about this news. 

He said that it is very tragic and very painful. He was very happy and excited about the delivery of his boy but in the end, he was not his son. What a bummer!

New Relationship-Naiyana Garth

After his divorce with Sonya, Idris was single for some time now and in 2013 he started dating Naiyana Garth, a make-up artist.

The couple was looking great with one another and at that time Idris did not have to shoulder the burden of becoming a sex symbol.


Source: Telegraph

Many of his fans were very happy about that and they were expecting that the couple would go all the way. But his personal life has never been just as good as his professional life.


Source: Lailas Blog

Even though he has been blessed with many awards during his entire professional life but it seems that Idris is not able to sustain the portrayal of a loyal husband or partner to any of his partners before.

He was blessed with a boy named Winston, born April 17, 2014. He was very happy about the news and at least this time his son was his legitimate son.

Breaking his new relationship

But his nature of not staying on one relationship got the best of him as he left Naiyana when she was taking care of their 22-months-old son. It was a devastating blow for Naiyana.

Soon after the separation he moved out from his South-West London house and rented a single apartment nearby. 

Professionally Ideal

Well, as of now he is single and the 44-year-old is currently focusing on building his reputation in the industry.

Though the two times screen actors guild award winner has an outstanding career but he still wants to make more name for himself in the acting field.

Source: Hollywood Reporters

He has worked alongside actors like Chris Hemsworth, Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans and many of his co-stars praise his level of acting.

It's no surprise that Idris has won so many awards for his success.

He is currently working on the movie named The Dark Tower which he is starring alongside Matthew McConaughey.

Well, we certainly hope that he will find that one girl for himself and stick with her.

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