Home Article American Former Basketballer Allen Iverson Was Once Married To Tawanna Turner; Know About His Affairs And Dating Rumors

American Former Basketballer Allen Iverson Was Once Married To Tawanna Turner; Know About His Affairs And Dating Rumors

Updated On 10 Dec, 2018 Published On 10 Dec, 2018
American Former Basketballer Allen Iverson Was Once Married To Tawanna Turner; Know About His Affairs And Dating Rumors

American Former Basketballer Allen Iverson Was Once Married To Tawanna Turner has now divorced and is happy to live with his kids.

The affection for the kids can fill in as a motivating force for the reunion of guardians. On the contrary, a situation aroused in the life of former American Basketball player, Allen Iverson with his spouse Tawanna Turner, when they fought over the custody of their kids. 

As Allen Iverson and Tawanna Turner were as one for quite a while, what made their relationship so powerless that they needed a horrific separation? Let’s discover what turned out badly with the wedded couple. Remain with us.

Allen Iverson Married to Tawanna Turner And Their Children

The wind of change did bring rejoice in the life of a quarrelsome guy, Allen Iverson when he met Tawanna Turner while going to the secondary school on Virginia's Hampton Road. After a couple of gatherings, Allen and Tawanna began dating one another.

Former American Basketball Player Allen Iverson and his ex-wife Tawanna Turner

Iverson was at that point, a renowned b-ball player while Tawanna was keen on books and club exercises. In spite of the fact that the couple has distinctive intrigue, they experienced passionate feelings for one another.

After having ten years of the relationship, the duo got married on August 3, 2001, at The Mansion on Main Street situated in Voorhees, New Jersey. The couple share five precious children together; Tiaura, Isaiah, Allen II, Messiah Lauren, and Dream Alijha


Allen Iverson's with his children
Source: NYpost

But their relationship was circled with dark clouds which eventually led to them filing for divorce.

Despite having harshness in their relationship, the couple has chosen to co-parent their five youngsters for their future.

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Allen Iverson's Controversy Filled Life

Allen Iverson, 43, was not engaged in any kind of relationship before marrying to the love of his life, however, his life with Tawanna Turner seems to be filled with misunderstanding and controversies.

Allen Iverson and his lady Tawanna Turner
Source: NYpost

After a year of marriage, the two got into a heated argument. According to police, Iverson got so mad that he kicked her out of the house, naked!! 

Another day, his checking account was overdrawn by over $23,000 because he had visited a jewelry store, a steakhouse, and a hotel. His wife was forced to sell his jewelry to pay for rent and their kids’ tuition. Tawanna could never again manage their life and chose to seek a legal separation.

In 2012, amid divorce proceedings, Iverson supposedly yelled at her ears, "I don't have a cash for a cheeseburger!" She ventured into her wallet and gave him $61.

 He uncovered that he had a month to month costs totaling $360,000 yet his monthly salary was just $72,000.

With an end goal to win his better-half back, he consented to accord a post-nuptial agreement that on the off chance that he disregarded any of the stipulations, she would get all $32 million from his fortune.

Iverson appears to have turned another leaf and is in a greatly improved situation at this moment. The former NBA player realized his short-comings and how his wife helped him during his ups and downs in his life. While receiving the NBA Hall Of Fame, he decided to thank his partner of 24 years by tearfully saying,

He admitted,

 "24 years, ups, downs, yet genuine love. I can't thank you enough for everything you've improved the situation me… I cherish you to such an extent."

He further added how miserable his life was for the past two decades when his wife wasn't in his life. According to him, he couldn't wait to get his wife back if possible. 

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Allen Iverson: Quick Facts

Source: NBA
  • Allen Iverson was born on June 7, 1975, in Hampton, Virginia, the United States
  • He was captured for cannabis and weapon charges in 1997.
  • He has played 66 of his 67 amusement at his Georgetown.
  • He was named MVP of All-Star Game in 2001.

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