Home Article Who Is Andrew Giuliani's Wife? Know The Republican's Marriage In Details

Who Is Andrew Giuliani's Wife? Know The Republican's Marriage In Details

Updated On 04 Nov, 2020 Published On 04 Nov, 2020
Who Is Andrew Giuliani's Wife? Know The Republican's Marriage In Details

Wanna know who is Trumpster Andrew Giuliani married to? Not only does Giuliani identifies himself as a big supporter of Donald Trump, but also serves as a proud special assistant of the president. Lucky guy, from his political career to personal life, everything seems perfect for Giuliani.

Andrew Giuliani Met Wife Zivile Rezgyte In 2014

Indeed, Andrew Giuliani is a blissfully married man with the love of his life who, however, doesn't come from a political background. So, who is the special woman? Well, Giuliani is the husband of his beloved wife, Zivile Rezgyte.

Mr. and Mrs. Giuliani have been together for more than six years since they locked their eyes on each other in 2014 when they were both attending a game at the Yankee Stadium. And, the rest is history.

Andrew Giuliani and wife, Zivile Giuliani. SOURCE: Page Six

But, who is Zivile and what does she do? Well, Zivile is a real estate agent who originally hails from Lithuania, a European country in the Baltic region. Rezgyte, however, later moved to the United States.

And, a couple of years later since they fell in love, Andrew asked his girlfriend to marry him in a traditional way. Giuliani directly didn't make the proposal as he asked her mother's permission before he got down on his knees when they were in Lithuania.

Not to mention, Andrew planned the perfect proposal during their vacation getaway to Palanga based Baltic Sea in 2016. And, as he got down on his knees with a diamond ring, Zivile happily said yes. And, within the next year, Giuliani and his fiancee were walking down the aisle.

Andrew Giuliani & Wife Zivile Rezgyte Married In 2017

Andrew, an avid gold player and partner of Donald Trump, and Zivile held a Holy Catholic matrimony ceremony in Greenwich village at the famous Church of St. Joseph on 14th July 2017. While Andrew looked fit in a black suit, his bride looked gorgeous in a white sleeveless bridal gown.

Andrew Giuliani married wife Zivile Giuliani in 2017. SOURCE: Daily Mail

In addition to their wedding attended by close family members and friends, Alan Placa took over the role of the officiator to announce Andrew and Zivile as a husband and wife. Minister Placa is a close family friend of the Giulianis.

Unfortunately, Giuliani's father in law who died in 2004 was missed on their big day. And, as of 2020, three years later since their marriage, Andrew Giuliani and his beloved spouse Zivile Rezgyte are still happily together.

But, the only thing missing between these two is the sense of parenthood. Hopefully, Andrew and Zivile will get the taste soon when they have their own children.

Tale Of Andrew Giuliani - Brother Of Liberal Caroline Giuliani

Parts of Andrew Giuliani's success can be credited to his political family background as he is the son of Republican Rudy Giuliani who served as the Mayor of New York from 1994 - 2001. And, his mother is the actress Donna Hanover.

Andrew Giuliani with his sister Caroline Giuliani and father, Rudy Giuliani. SOURCE: CBS News

Andrew's parents, however, are no longer together since the late nineties. But, this is not the only fascinating story of Andrew who is a Republican just like his father. And, as he is not the only child of his parents, he also has a sister, none other than filmmaker and director Caroline Giuliani.

Caroline who once rose to fame for shoplifting at Sephora made headlines in 2008 when she endorsed Barack Obama and confessed she is a liberal who supports the Democrats. However, their political difference seems to be of no problem for these two siblings.

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