Home Article What Is D'Angelo Wallace's Sexuality? Know YouTuber's Pronouns & Relationship Info Here

What Is D'Angelo Wallace's Sexuality? Know YouTuber's Pronouns & Relationship Info Here

Updated On 09 Mar, 2021 Published On 11 Feb, 2021
What Is D'Angelo Wallace's Sexuality? Know YouTuber's Pronouns & Relationship Info Here

Known for his precise and deeply informative commentary videos on YouTube, D'Angelo gained limelight for his video on Shane Dawson's controversy. But, here are some more fascinating stuff about Wallace.

Is D'Angelo Wallace Gay?

In just a couple of months after D'Angelo Wallace made and published his video on Shane Dawson's controversy, his subscribers skyrocketed from just a few hundred thousand to one million. And, today, he is among the most-watched YouTubers.

YouTuber D'Angelo Wallace has 2 million YouTube subscribers. SOURCE: Pinterest

On the other hand, Wallace has also sparked curiosity among his fans through his sexuality and gender identity. But, of course, Wallace, being the smart guy he is, has chosen not to speak on the issue that is until he decided to in August 2020.

Making his fans more suspicious of his sexuality, Wallace shared a screenshot of the page where he had googled himself. Speaking of the picture, it showcased, Wallace's name being searched to find information on his wife, Instagram, and height.

Wallace, on that matter, captioned, "they always ask you "who's your wife/boyfriend but never "who's your girlfriend/husband" with a sad face emoji. The Texas-bred didn't specify anything about his sexuality. But, fans assume that Wallace might be gay or bisexual.

In addition, Wallace has been labeled as 'he' for his pronoun from the beginning and has likewise, not said a word on whatever pronoun he prefers.

More About D'Angelo Wallace

The YouTuber D'Angelo Wallace who is expected to make $300,000 a year from both of his YouTube channels, D'Angelo Wallace and dangelowallace is verified on all of his social media platforms.

And aside from his Shane Dawson content, Wallace is also popular for his videos on other celebrities in the likes of Jeffrey Star, James Charles. Logan Paul, Jake Paul, Blaire White, Lana Del Rey, The Kardashians, and Justin Bieber among others.

Also, what gained Wallace fame and millions of views on his videos is for the sole fact that his super long videos are deeply talked about and researched thoroughly that provides the audience every reliable information they want.

No wonder, after his Shane Dawson video, Wallace began earning more than what he was making from his offline job. The Youtube Streamy Award nominee, in addition, is a Virgo who was born on 29th August 1998. His age in 2021 will be 23.

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