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Who Is Dashiell Connery? Everything About Aspiring Actor

Updated On 25 Feb, 2021 Published On 25 Feb, 2021
Who Is Dashiell Connery? Everything About Aspiring Actor

Dashiell Connery, in his early twenties, is a rising actor who has embarked in his parents' footsteps a long time ago to work in the entertainment industry. But, here's what you can learn about Connery.

Dashiell Connery Comes From An Acting Background

The young actor Dashiell Connery was indeed inspired to work in Hollywood with the influence of his family. From his grandparents to his parents, Conner has been motivated to work in the industry by his household environment since he was a child.

Dashiell Connery, son of actress Mia Sara. SOURCE: Instagram

Speaking of which, Connery whose last name already sounds familiar is the only son of actor and director Jason Connery and his former wife, actress Mia Sara. Although, Dashiell's parents are no longer together, both of them played a major role in influencing their son in the movie industry.

And, as far as Dshiell's parents have been mentioned, he is indeed the grandson of the legendary Scottish actor Sean Connery who is known for his role as the first James Bond in the sixties. Thus, actress Diane Cilento is Dashiell's paternal grandmother and Giovanna Margaret Volpe is his aunt.

Jason Connery, the father of rising actor, Dashiell Connery. SOURCE: Instagram

Also, not to let it go, Connery's mother, Sara is best known for her roles in Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Timecop, Legend, and A Stranger Among Us while his father appeared on Robin of Sherwood, Liberty's Kids, and The Other Side of Paradise.

Dashiell Connery Has A Half-Sister

The parents of Dashiell Connery are not together and have moved on from their separation since they divorced in 2002. Thus, Dashiell has grown more family members from her mother's second marriage to Brian Henson.

Dashiell Connery's sister, Amelia Jane Henson. SOURCE: Instagram

Well, Dashiell has a younger sister from her mother's second marriage, Amelia Jane Henson who is seven years younger than the Pandemic actor. But, Dashiell shares a great relationship with her little sister and step-father both.

As for the young star's father, Jason Connery is yet to marry again for the second time. In addition, Connery's parents met and fell in love with each other on the set of Bullet to Beijing while they were working in Russia. And, by the next year in 1996, Jason and Mia were married.

Two years after their wedding, the two welcomed their first son aka Dashiell on 5th June 1997. And, their marriage only lasted for six years as they divorced in 2002. The two raised their son together with joint custody, though.

More On Dashiell Connery - He Loves Cat

For the fans of the rising star, Dashiell Connery is a big fan of cats and himself owns many of them at his home. Aside from cats and movies, Connery is also keen on traveling, tattoos and photography.

Dashiell Connery is a cat lover. SOURCE: Instagram

In addition to Dashiell's heritage, he is Italian-American from his mother's side but Scottish-Australian from his father's side. But, Dashiell mostly grew up in the States with his mother and sister.

But, today, the five feet eleven inches actor has worked on being independent on his own as he has already worked on projects that include Clowning, Outcry, I, Challenger, Twenty One Pilots: My Blood, and The Rookie.

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