Home Article Lauren Holly Denies Plastic Surgery Rumors, Know About Her Failed Marriages, Dating life and Affairs

Lauren Holly Denies Plastic Surgery Rumors, Know About Her Failed Marriages, Dating life and Affairs

Updated On 07 Jul, 2023 Published On 30 Jul, 2017
Lauren Holly Denies Plastic Surgery Rumors, Know About Her Failed Marriages, Dating life and Affairs

Lauren Holly is currently single living along with her children after her multiple failed relationship and was rumored to have multiple surgeries.

We keep on listening to several Hollywood celebrities going through plastic surgery to look good and to enhance their sex appeal as well.

The stunning Canadian-American actress, Lauren Holly is also rumored to have multiple surgeries. Is it true? Let us also discuss her married life and children in today's section!!!!!!!!

Lauren Holly’s plastic surgery rumors

"Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself’’ but is the decision of plastic surgery right? Is the pressure that celebrities faced these days regarding their look right? Well, no one knows the answers to these questions.   

Like many other celebrities these days the Canadian-American actress, Lauren is also rumored to have a plastic surgery. 


Lauren before and after the surgery, Source: Celebrities Before and After Plastic Surgery

The media has accused her of having multiple surgeries so that to maintain her sex appeal in the industry.

It was once a hot topic for gossip in the town. However, she confirmed that she neither did nor was planning to do so and clarified further as was just a buzz.

‘’I have been accused of having a ton of plastic surgery, and I haven’t had any’’

She further added,

’’ I’m not saying that I wouldn’t, but I almost feel like I might have missed that boat, but I’m not against it. Things change. And if a woman wants to look a little younger, gain a little weight, it’s a natural thing. I look a little fuller just from that. I’m okay with that.’’

Before and after surgery, Source: Before And After Celeb

This shows that due to some changes in her appearance and face as she looks more beautiful and younger than before she was accused of it.

And if someone looks younger and more beautiful it does not mean that the surgeries are done so, it was just a buzz in the industry about that.

Lauren is single in the present days

"It’s better to be single rather than be in a bad relationship". The gorgeous actress, as of now, is single after multiple failed relationships and married life.

She is happy and living her single life with her children, friends, and family. And after her multiple failed relationships break up she is not engaged with any of the guys.


On the Danforth Opa!????????

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Rumored to be dating Jerome Ruffin

After her divorce from her banker husband, she was rumored to be dating an actor named, Jerome Ruffin as both of them was also spotted at The Spoke Club posing for a picture together.

However, the social media accounts of Lauren speak another thing as she posted no pictures with Ruffin so this might be only gossip or they might be hiding.

But as per the information provided, she is not dating and is single in the present day.

Lauren and Jerome Ruffin at The Spoke Club

Divorce with First Husband Francis Greco

On 10 March 2001, Lauren married to an investment banker November Francis Greco in a grand way in Toronto. 

The couple was looking not less than a king and queen as the bride was dressed in a sheer, beaded, bell-sleeved dress by Escada matched along with a fur-trimmed coat bouquet of lilac roses and paired with a 37-carat diamond Harry Winston cross neck piece and the groom was in the black suit.

The couple was together and was spending a good time with each other. They used to share a deep love between them but unfortunately, the day came when the two came to the state where they were ready to be separated.

Lauren and Francis on their wedding day, Source: P Interest

In 2014, the couple divorced and started living their own life.

The Pair has three Children

The estranged duo has three children together. They welcomed their first child in 2002 named Alexander. Soon after that, their second child was named, George in 2004, and lastly invited their third child, Henry in 2005 which completed their happy family.

After the divorce of the parents, the children are now with her mother. 


Momday Monday. Son's #knee #surgery He did great- now it's all about FOOD.

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Lauren along with her three children, Source: P Interest

Lauren’s Past Marriages

Before Francis, she was already married and separated from her husband. She could not take her relationships too long term so she is now separated from all of them.

Her first husband was Danny Quinn who is an Italian actor and the son of Anthony Quinn in 1991. The couple could not stay with each other due to some complications and divorced in 1993 after two years of marriage.

Lauren and Danny together on Revlon's Annual Fire Ice Ball, Source: Getty Images

Moreover, she stayed single for years after her first divorce and again tied the knot with a Canadian-American actor and comedian plus a producer named Jim Carry in 1996.


Lauren and Jim Carry in a function, Source: Lebeau's le Blog

This time it was again a tragic separation between the duo only after a year of their marriage. They separated for some unknown reasons but as of now, she is happy without engaging in any of the relationships.

Quick Facts of Francis Greco

Lauren in an event, Source: Extra
  • Born on 28th October 1963 in Bristol, Pennsylvania, the United States as Lauren Michael Holly.
  • Raised by her parents, Michael Ann Holly and Grant Holly along with her two brothers named, Nick and Alexander Innes Holly.
  • Her brother, Alexander died at the age of 14 and in remembrance of him, her father established the A Fund at Hobert and William Smith College.
  • Finished her schooling at Geneva High School where she appeared as a cheerleader.
  • Attended Sarah Lawrence College but was ungraduated.
  • Started her career in acting at the age of 20 and worked in the series, Hill Street Blues with the stars Daniel J. Travanti, Bruce Weitz, Veronica Hamel, Michael Warren, Charles Haid, James Skking, Joe Spano, and others.
  • Appeared in the ABC television soap opera, All My Children along with stars Susan Lucci, David Canary, Debbi Morgan, Vincent Irizarry, Cameron Mathison, Darnell Williams, and others.
  • After that she started appearing in several movies and series including Archie: To Riverdale and Back Again, Dumb & Dumber, Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, The Blackcoat’s Daughter, and so on.
  • Has an estimated net worth of $8 million

Check out the clip of Lauren Holly speaking about her fame and being with Jim Carrey!

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