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Top Ten Hollywood actors and their Bad Decision of Plastic Surgery

Updated On 28 Jun, 2019 Published On 13 Jul, 2017
Top Ten Hollywood actors and their Bad Decision of Plastic Surgery

When we think about the act of plastic surgery, the first thing that strikes our mind is women for sure. But it's a little difficult to believe that men are not far from the process.

Hollywood actors also have a desire to look good as much as the woman. Male plastic surgery is basically associated with a nose job, facelift, and Botox.

Here is a list of top eight Hollywood actors whose surgeries went on extremely bad.

10. Ray Liotta                

American actor, producer, and voice actor Ray Liotta is best known for his roles in Martin Scorsese's Goodfellas and No Escape.

Source: Popdust

The "Goodfellas" star is an Emmy Award-winning actor for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series for his role in TV drama ER. He also shared the screen with Jennifer Lopez in the cop drama 'Shades of Blue' on NBC.

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Over the years, he denied the question raised in the media that he had facial surgery. His facial deformation was rather very clear in the Silence of the Lambs sequel, "Hannibal".

9. Mickey Rourke

Mickey Rourke is one of the successful actors in the industry. He took up plastic surgery to have an attractive makeover of his face.

Source: Celebrity Plastic Surgery Online

He performed cheek implants, botox, and several other things that apparently didn't turn out to do well. As a result, he got a stretched and craggy face.

Although his professional career climbed sky high success in past he's rarely seen in movies nowadays. However, he made a distinct mark in his field.

8. Bruce Jenner

Bruce Jenner is a famous television personality as well as a previous Olympic decathlon champion for men's event in 1976.

Source: E! Online

In fact, he was actually thinking to get gender reassignment surgery soon after divorced from Linda Thompson. He, later, met his future wife Kris Jenner and changed his mind.

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Before the year 2000, the then Olympian admitted that he had undergone at least six procedures on his face with a nose job and facelifts. He once said,

"If you Google my name, the worst plastic surgeries of all time or whatever it is… they've compared me to Michael Jackson."

He underwent the knife again to correct all the messes but the condition went on even more worst.

7. Carrot Top

The funnyman 'Carrot Top' is a renowned comedian whose real name is Scott Thompson basically known for his wild and distinct looks.

Source: Celebrity Plastic Surgery

He's continuously been accused of undergoing plastic surgery and abusing steroids. He remembers his reaction at the time when he repeatedly said,

"I’m sorry that I look good."

"I don’t think I look anything different than I did when I started [in comedy]."

Whatever he addressed, the fact is that he looks really terrific in his new look.

6. Sylvester Stallone

American actor Sylvester Stallone is one of the most famous actors in Hollywood. He has his fans everywhere across the globe.

With the growing age, everyone has a dream to look the same for the entire life but it's not possible. His fans went on very curious about the plastic surgeries he underwent.

Source: Celebrity Plastic Surgery Online

He is speculated to have undergone an eyebrows life, a facelift, a jawline job and also the usual Botox injections. The first thing everyone noticed is is his eyebrows lift.

His attempt to make his face smooth and wrinkle free for his age didn't take a better path. 

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However, he never accepted the procedures in public and spoke about it. 

5. Burt Reynolds

Another name that follows the list is Burt Reynolds. He admitted that he had cosmetic surgery around his eyes to recover the injuries sustained during the fight scenes in many of his movies.

Source: Top Celebrity Surgery

He shocked his fans with his distorted looks with a series of plastic surgeries on his face. 

The vintage Hollywood hunk repeatedly denied his face life but the act is crystal clear on his face.

Unfortunately, the star died on 6th September 2018 of a heart attack at the Jupiter Medical Center in Jupiter, Florida.

4. Wayne Newton

The 77-year-old American singer is rumored to have several surgeries on his face. It includes blepharoplasty, facelift and tons of botox injections.

Source: Latest Plastic Surgery Gossip and News

However, until today, he never accepted any of such rumors rather, he opposed it. After going through his old and recent pictures it's quite easy to find the drastic change he went on.

His forehead looked smooth and shiny than having lines and wrinkles. His eyelid also looked different than the dropping one in past. 

Everyone knows his age and there's no theme to hide the aging process since it's the natural phenomena.

3. Steven Tyler

Steven Tyler is the lead singer of the popular rock band Aerosmith from four decades. He is a multi-talented personality as she can play piano, harmonica, and percussion. 

Source: Celebrity Plastic Surgery

While the gossip is about Steven, plastic surgery is not a big topic. He is in his 60s and his facial structure and smooth face is evident to that.

But the best part about the star is that the singer has publicly revealed his plastic surgeries.

2. Paul Stanley

The 67-year-old rocker Paul Stanley had been under the knife much time with several facelifts, eyebrows, a bad nose job, and lip augmentation.

Source: Latest Plastic Surgery

His plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer said,

"Paul Stanley appears to have had several facial procedures done including a face and brow lift, his eyelids (blepharoplasty), his nose and lip augmentation. His results appear slightly overdone."

He is not the only Kiss member to have gone under the knife; an attempt to hide the older age. Gene Simmons is also popular among those who went on a face life along with his wife Shannon.

1. Michael Jackson

American singer Michael Jackson is no more around us but his soulful songs and amazing dancing moves have an amazing imprint on every single person till now; will also be forever.

Source: CBS News

He passed away in 2009 and his death left many questions unanswered on his plastic surgery.

He had a dramatic transformation in his career with huge fan followers who wondered exactly how much surgery he had and why his skin looked so white.

He confessed about his nose job back in 2003 with Martin Bashir.

"I’ve had no plastic surgery on my face, just my nose," he said. "It helped me breathe better so I can hit higher notes. I am telling you the honest truth, I didn’t do anything to my face."

As he had a fair complexion after repeated surgeries, he told Oprah Winfrey back in the early '90s that he suffered from Vitiligo. It's a skin condition that created pale blotches all over his body.

His dermatologist Dr. Arnold Klein confirmed that in the year 2009 after his death.

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