Jim Acosta is a well-known figure in the American television industry. He is famous for being the Senior White House Correspondent for CNN.

The 45-years-old Acosta is happily married to his longtime girlfriend Sharon Mobley Stow and the blessed pair has celebrated a silver jubilee of their blissful married life.  Want to know more about the couple's married life? Stay with us.    

Jim's and Sharon's successful married life

Jim met his beautiful wife Sharon at the James Madison University, Virginia and both graduated the same year.

They duo dated for many years before getting married. Jim and Sharon tied the knots back in 1994.


Jim Acosta is happily married to wife Sharon, Source: LongRoom

This wonderful pair maintains low profile in the media and rarely makes any public appearances together.

It appears that it is less likely that the duo will be having any divorce issues in the coming future. However, he has to keep traveling because of his work as he has always tried to balance his personal and professional life as far as possible. 

Jim Acosta is a proud father of three children, Source: GettyImages

Fortunately, his mate is extremely supportive and understanding so that he is living a happy life with family, residing in Washington D.C. 

About their children  

The couple is blessed with three children. Among the three kids, two are daughters and one son.  


Star Wars Saturday as soon as we were awakened. Morning showing to avoid storm troopers.. I mean mall shoppers.

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Through Jim's Instagram, we were sure that he is very close to his youngsters. He frequently takes the kids to different places. We found the photos of Jim's where he took his toddlers to sea beach, stadium and much more. 

The father's day in 2016, he was seen in the look of Micky Mouse. Let's have a look;


Best Father's Day weekend ever.

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About Jim

He started his professional career from the radio with WMAL Washington D.C. Before working at the White House, he served as National Political correspondent for CNN.

He has enclosed the GOP Presidential candidates during America's Choice 2012 election.


Being a successful reporter and columnist for CNN basically for his significant reporting in the campaign trail. He was endorsed as the National Political communicator by CNN in 2012. 

He enclosed the presidential campaigns of Democratic candidates, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in 2008.

On February 9, 2017, he twitted about President's call with President Xi Jinping of China.

 All in all, we wish the couple lifetime of happiness and togetherness. For more recent updates and news, keep following our page.

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