Home Article Julie Roginskys son Zachary Peter Roginsky is growing so fast: Still has not reveled about his father: No husband or a boyfriend till date

Julie Roginskys son Zachary Peter Roginsky is growing so fast: Still has not reveled about his father: No husband or a boyfriend till date

Updated On 20 Aug, 2017 Published On 20 Feb, 2017
Julie Roginskys son Zachary Peter Roginsky is growing so fast: Still has not reveled about his father: No husband or a boyfriend till date

Julie Roginsky is a democratic strategist, having born in Russia and now she is settled in the United States of America. She has one son from an unknown father.

Being an independent woman in this day and at this age is a big step towards independence. Julie Roginsky is a big-time political pundit and she is best known for being a Political Consultant at Fox Network. 

One thing that stands out the most for her is that she is taking care of her two boys. There's one thing called being an independent woman and being a loving mother.

Well, Julie is the mixture of them both as she is also a big TV personality and she also takes care of her two boys. 

You may have heard about Julie having one son but you never know if she is having an another child or not. In this section, we cover all there is to know about her.

Julie Roginsky’s son Zachary Peter Roginsky is growing so fast: Still has not reveled about his father

Yes, you heard it right, this 43-year-old is a proud mother of two. She has never revealed anything about her personal life in public but one thing that she has revealed that she has two boys.

Julie Roginsky, Source: Aprillajune

Now enough of the suspense already, Julie is the mother of her 4-year-old boy named Zachary Peter Roginsky and her puppy Grimace, a chihuahua. Now all of you may be pissed due to the fact that we told all of you that she is a mother of two.  

But you cannot blame us as she herself says that she has two boys. If you do not trust us then you can see for yourself. 

But with a very heavy heart, we have to give you a very sad news about Grimace. Last night, the puppy died and left a big void in Julie's heart. 

Now many of us are confused and want to know about who is the father of her son. She has never revealed this big information in public and we can say that she likes to keep pretty close to her chest.

Source: Mediaite

There were many speculations as to which if she has opted for insemination to bring Zachary into this world. Many people have commented that she has opted for the latter method. 

Who is her husband?

Now all the comments by people do not prove if she has opted for that method or not. She is staying single and sometimes she also wishes to marry in the near future.

Source: Pinterest

Even though she has tweeted about her so called imaginary husbands multiple times but she has still not revealed anything about her husband.

She tweets funny things about her imaginary husbands like choosing the career above her marriage vows or sometimes asking him to come to the hospital if she is ever admitted there. 

Her Loud Mouthed Personality

It all makes no sense and it seems that she wants to hide information regarding her marriage life. She often comes to Fox News Network show and has some intense debates with various reporters like Michelle Malkin, Jedediah Bila, Meghan McCain, and Harris Faulkner

Source: RawStory

Though she is living as a single mother with her son, she still shook the country just by her comments on various political agendas. 

Whenever she comments on any specific political news, she brings a lot of heat in the form of haters. Many people say that she is a Russian agent and she should go back to Russia with her parents.

Source: Twitter

Many of you may not know but she was born in Moscow, Russia to Abram and Tanya Roginsky. Though she currently resides in New York, the United States with her 4-year-old son.

Recently, she ripped Donald Trump's claim of Bill Clinton being a rapist during his speech with Hillary Clinton. She said that if he thinks that Bill is a rapist then why did he invited him to his wedding, to play golf or hang out with him.

She also said that his former wife Ivana, also filed a case against Donald, accusing him of raping his ex-wife. 

All these comments and opinions of her make her more famous and it also enrages many of Donald's supporters.

Julie is a very sympathetic to everyone in the world and she feels that the Muslim Ban is wrong in every aspect. She respects every religion and she thinks that no one should not discriminate other.

Well, only time will tell as to which Julie will ever reveal anything about her husband or if she has really opted for the insemination method. Currently, she is still focusing on her career as a political pundit for the Democratic party


Quick Facts about Julie Roginsky


  • Born and raised in Moscow, Russia, Julie Roginsky is a popular Democratic Party strategist and tv personality.
  • Also, serves as the contributor for Fox News, co-hosting the show Outnumbered.
  • Belongs to Jewish Family.
  • Graduated from Princeton Day School and was awarded B.A. and M.A. from Boston University.
  • She filed a law suit against Fox News reporter Roger Ailes and Bill Shine, alleging sexual harassment.
  • Left Fox News on June 30, 2017.


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