Home Article Hallie Jackson is Married to Husband Doug Jackson and is a Mother of Two Children-Earns a Good Career as a News Correspondent: Explore Her Personal and Professional Life

Hallie Jackson is Married to Husband Doug Jackson and is a Mother of Two Children-Earns a Good Career as a News Correspondent: Explore Her Personal and Professional Life

Updated On 26 Jan, 2018 Published On 03 Mar, 2017
 Hallie Jackson  is Married to Husband Doug Jackson and is a Mother of Two Children-Earns a Good Career as a News Correspondent: Explore Her Personal and Professional Life

Hallie Jackson is an American reporter working for NBC news. She enjoys a very good career as well as have a great family. She is married to Doug Jackner and has two daughters. Find out more.

Hallie Jackson is known for her tough interviews and difficult questions that make even the most confident of person sweat. Recently, she was in the headlines due to her cold behavior towards Glenn Thrush in one of MSNBC segments.

Many of her fans are eager to know more about this ladies personal life especially her married life, husband, and children as she has buried all of that information in some treasure chest.

Well, Married Wiki has unlocked the chest for you, so enjoy reading.

Married To Husband Doug Jackson And A Mother Of Two Children, Hallie Jackson 

Well, the 32-years-old is a married woman, and yes it may have come as a shocker to many of you as she has never talked about her relationship and people have guessed it that she is still single.

She is very much double. She married Doug Hitchner aka Doug Jackner a long time back.

This may also come as a surprise but the couple has been married for the last six years, and it's still counting. 

The couple married on October 2, 2011, in Perkasie, Pennsylvania in Bucks County and only the closest of their friends and family were invited. 

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Both of them must have been dating for a while before tying the knot and knew the nature of Hallie; we can say that Doug sure does take his time before popping out a big question.


Happy anniversary to the beautiful @hallie_gram #anniversary #chandon #letsdrinksomebubbly

A post shared by Doug Jackner (@doug_jackner) on

The couple celebrated their marriage anniversary on October 2, 2016, and uploaded a picture of drinking champagne together.

Many of their fans also wished them happy anniversary in the comment section.

Children With Doug

The duo does not have any children yet but they often share the pictures their nieces which show that they are ready to the parents. 

Though, she has never revealed anything of that sorts on an interview or something like that.

Now, she has plenty of fans all across the country, and the majority of her fans are males as compared to females.

Now all of you men out there, you must be wondering who is this Doug Jackner guy and why has our beloved reporter fallen for him?


Party at the Hitchners! #roscoe #storminginthemountains #bigsky=lotsofrain

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Fret not, we have all the information regarding Doug as well.

Doug Jackner-A Baseball Coach As Well As Part-Time Hunter

Talk about being a multi-talented guy, Jack used to play as a catcher on Hopkins Hundred Club. He is currently serving as the coach for the team and his track record is most impressive, having finished his career with a most impressive average of .292.

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He is also an avid hunter and he always shows off his trophies on his Instagram account. He hunts a variety of animals from Deer to Duck to Turkey.

He competes in various fishing events and he is a very good angler even going head to head with the legendary Jeremy Wade.

He has won various prizes as well and it makes his track record all the more impressive.

He is the one that uploads the picture of his family, otherwise, has refrained herself from uploading pictures of her family.

Well, looks like she has been caught red-handed and she cannot hide about her personal life now.

Hallie Jackson Earns A Good Career As A News Correspondent

She is currently working for NBC news since 2014, and her career after 2014 has been skyrocketed after that.

She got to become an anchor of NBC's 10:00 am hour News which was previously hosted by Katy Tur.

She has also been featured in one of the most prestigious magazines of the Washington in 2017, alongside Noor Tagouri, David Fahrenthold, Sara Murray, Erin McPike and, Hunter Schwarz.

She says bluntly about anything and does not refrain herself from holding back on anything.

Recently, during a segment on MSNBC, when Glenn Thrush was giving his opinion regarding the latest performance of Sean Spicer, everyone in the newsroom nodded their head except her.

Well, she will either respect you or she will show if she is not satisfied or do not respect your decision and that's what she did the other day.

Hallie Jackson; Quick facts

  • Was born on April 29, 1984, and was raised in Yardley, Pennsylvania.
  • Attended Pennsbury High School and graduated with a B.A degree in political science from Johns Hopkins University.
  • Began her career in the journalism field from WBOC-TV in Salisbury, Maryland.
  • She joined NBC in the year 2014 as a News reporter after covering Ted Cruz presidential campaign.
  • Later on, in the year 2017, she was named as the White House correspondent.        

Well, that's about it about her personal life and professional and if you like this article then make sure to check out our other article as well. You never know maybe you will find more shocking news!! 

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