Home Article Meet the new Chief White House Correspondent for NBC, Hallie Jackson. See who is her inspiration?

Meet the new Chief White House Correspondent for NBC, Hallie Jackson. See who is her inspiration?

Updated On 26 Jan, 2018 Published On 13 Apr, 2017
Meet the new Chief White House Correspondent for NBC, Hallie Jackson. See who is her inspiration?

Hallie Jackson is one of the most beautiful anchors in the NBC. Let us find out more about the relationship.

Big news for all the Hallie Jackson fans out there as she is now the chief White House correspondent for NBC

All of her hard work is now rewarding her, and the fruits of labor are now beginning to get ripe. Today MarriedWiki will take a look at her personal life and know who her inspiration is.

Hallie Jackson-The New Chief Correspondent             

Well, we all knew that sooner or later this is gonna happen and now the wait's over. On 6th of April, 2017, NBC announced that Hallie would be the new Chief Correspondent for NBC at the White House


Hallie Jackson Reporting
Source: Breitbart

According to the reports, she got promoted because of her work during Donald Trump's presidential campaign. At least, he did something good for someone.

She will now join the likes of Peter Alexander, Kristen Welker, Kelly O'Donnell, and Chris Jansing. She'll feel like home with his co-workers.

Hallie Jackson-During Primetime
Source: HUB

On top of that Chris Jansing is the senior White House correspondent, so she'll get a lot of help. Jansing's expertise will help Hallie.

She'll now hear all the briefing that the White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer will give, be it fake or alternative. 


Sean Spicer Briefing the press
Source: CNN

Now it's obvious that Hallie became the Chief Correspondent due to her hard work. But the credit should also go to her husband, Doug Jackner as well.

Doug Jackner-Husband Of Hallie Jackson-Her Inspiration

If you are a new fan of this beautiful 32-years-old, then you may feel sad after hearing this fact. Hallie married her longtime boyfriend, Doug Jackner.

Hallie Jackson with her husband Doug and their nephews

The nuptials ceremony held in Perkasie, Pennsylvania in Bucks County on October 2nd, 2011

Hallie looking majestic during her wedding
Source: Instagram

They don't share any children between the lovebirds but if we take a look at their Instagram profile, then one thing is for certain. 


Party at the Hitchners! #roscoe #storminginthemountains #bigsky=lotsofrain

A post shared by Doug Jackner (@doug_jackner) on

They would like to welcome their kids in the future. Their social media account is full of pictures with their nephews, and they look real happy.


Dylan definitely doesn't trust her uncle.

A post shared by Doug Jackner (@doug_jackner) on

Doug is supportive of her in every aspect, and it motivates Hallie to go forward. We wish for Hallie success in her new role at the office.

Hallie covering sports even
Source: Daily Mail

Fingers Crossed and praying, Sean Spicer and Kellyanne Conway won't give her a hard time.

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