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Meet Jennifer Pfautch's Wife of Omari Hardwick: Know all the Details about her Married life and Family

Updated On 29 Mar, 2019 Published On 17 Nov, 2017
Meet Jennifer Pfautch's Wife of Omari Hardwick: Know all the Details about her Married life and Family

Beauty isn't about having a pretty face. It's about having a pretty mind, pretty heart and pretty soul!!!!!

Omari Hardwick, best known as Ghost St. Patrick in the drama series Power married Jennifer Pfautch in the year 2012. The couple also has two children together. The pair is blessed with a beautiful family, and everything is just perfect, but still, they often get criticized for one thing. 

And that is, people find Jennifer not pretty enough for Omari. They often comment on her look, but the best part is Omari always comes in support of his wife. Know the full story here!!!! 

Jennifer Pfautch's Married Life With Wife Omari Hardwick-Couple Shares A Beautiful Bond

Jennifer, a businesswoman, rose to fame all of a sudden when she gets linked up with the handsome Power actor Omari Hardwick.

The beautiful couple after dating for a while got married in 2012 in an intimate ceremony. 

Omari and his wife Jennifer in an event 
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We all know every people are beautiful if they have a lovely heart but there are still some who do not understand this concept. Many people criticized Jennifer for her looks and called her an 'Ugly Woman.' 

But we must say Jennifer is blessed with a darling husband. Omari is truly a perfect husband. Just look at some of the Twitter posts of him supporting his gorgeous wife.   

Well, the precious words above summarize what Jennifer is for Omari as it's all about the connection between soul and heart.

At the top of all the controversies, their interracial marriage was also something that created a great debate. Some of his fans weren't in support of the marriage as over two million fans of the star are of the Black race and wished to see him marrying a black woman instead.


Back then.... Riding with me long before much more than my car to call home. Long before the oddity of fame from performing a scene or penning a poem...in this picture, housing a 3 month old son who now lives above the sun...in your tummy, before becoming Supa Nova & Brave Boy's Mommy....while their Pop's Pop was fighting for his life too.. oooooh....the life we been thru. Met you at 22. Shot outa God like a 22....til we were both scarred ...bullets turned roses turned dreams turned hard.......to make this journey work without you. Ride or Die or Fly....like the Eagles inside of you do. Thank you God for loaning my Jaedi Master to the world......but most imperatively to lil ole me & Chance & Nova & Brave....our mighty 3. *Happy Born day Cappy Queen. Happy WORTHday!! I LOVE YOU.

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However, it seems everything is stable now. As Jennifer is very happy with her supporting husband for many years and we wish to see them inseparable till the end. 

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Recently, Hardwick shared a post wishing Valentine's day (2018) to his wife and we must say the caption just melted our hearts. Who would not want a husband like him? 


Ya know, been thinking ...... Love is an interesting thing. Take art por ejemplo. An artist has to be insecure. A gifted artist has to be secure with those insecurities. An executor has to know how to score. A winner has to know how to score repeatedly or at least consistently. The amalgamation of all these things could be translated into 1 possessing a solid level of comfort w/i their skin. At it’s highest level it is loving one’s self. The math between this love..is Omari the insecure yet secure, scoring, comfortable in skin self. & Jae the veryyyy rarely insecure, secure, scoring, lover of self. She is a beautiful gal inside & outside. She is a ferocious mama bear & brain & lover of those who don’t love themselves. That math=her loving on women who hate her. I of course as the deeply thinking poet understand this to be.....them simply hating them. I believe skin color is just that. I believe the essence of a mufucka IS THE THING (good looks only included for purpose of influence & teaching). Math on that=the HARDEST color for people who don’t love themselves to deal with is the color called strong, smart, high level confident, high level love of SELF. The greatest Valentine date is loving on yourself at a dinner way more than you love someone next to you or across from you. It is WHY you can actually EXECUTE loving them. No matter their literal coloring or brains or strength or high level confidence. Math on that=WOMEN figure out how to love yourselves & each other better. We aid it. Not our job to however teach you. THAT is reserved for OUR daughters. MEN=figure out that to love the deep essence of WOMAN is so much better than loving the parts that we men TRIP on....leaving them to trip on. Y’all can aid it. But not your job to teach us. THAT is reserved for YOUR sons. Math on the 2 sitting at the top=WE love ourselves. & each other. My brain is baffled by the level of self hate i have unfortunately been exposed to in my life. My ??(& God judges THAT) wishes today before you self haters return to dust in flesh....that you figure this math out. **P.S. MY son just asked “Papa...do you miss me?” I replied “ALWAYS. & i LOVE how much you love YOU.” He nodded yes

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 They are undoubtedly the perfect pair. 

They paid tribute to the 51-year-old Supreme Court decision that legalized interracial marriage legal in June 2018.

Pfautch shared an Instagram image with her husband captioned:

"Happy Loving Day from our family to your family!."

Despite the legalization, the couple, still, has been facing critical comments on their marriage. Above all the obstacles, the lovely pair is living a blissful married life.

The Couple Shares Two Adorable Children

Hardwick and Jennifer are the parents of two adorable kids Nova and Brave. The second child Brave was born in 2016.

Sources say that Breakout Kings actor had a son from his former girlfriend who died during infancy in 2007. 

As of now, the family of four is living happily, and we wish them to be together forever!!!!

Jennifer Pfautch; Wiki

Source: Height Line
  • She was born in the United States.
  • Is a businesswoman by profession.
  • Her husband is famous for his portrayal in some of the TV series and movies including Saved, Dark Blue, Miracle at St. Anna, and Kick-Ass.
  • Tom Everett ScottElizabeth ReaserTracwsy Vilar, and Michael McMillian are some of the distinctive characters in Saved.
  • Her husband has an estimated net worth of about $5 million.

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